Friday, December 21, 2007

No Bag or Nothing, you know?

Today I left for work sans bag, sans lunch, sans books, sans magazines (well not really, I checked me mailbox on the way out and found a the latest ish of Poets & Writers so I did bring that along) all because I'm gonna be up outta Eos early today. This will be the first time in ages that I've left work while daylight is still in full-effect!

I mean, damn, I've eaten my bagel and have consumed my cup of crappy coffee so can I go already?

What am I going to do with this new lease of Friday afternoon life you query? E-r-r/ands, but of course. Hustle that chapbook MS to the post-office, drop off laundry, buy a bottle of wine for Xmas dinner- shite like that! But the upswing that is the wind beneath these unflappable wings is that I have drinks scheduled in with none other than Czar Hohl (who's newest story debueted at WoM last Thursday and is pure poetry!)

I'll be watching his cat while he and his wife are Iowa for the Holidays.

Then later in the evening I'll hit up Earshot to watch Dan Maegers do is thing.


So Susan Choi is in the new ish of P&W (i've never read her, sorry Susan) and in one picture it looks like she's cradling a Powell's coffee mug (damn- Sandy/Joseph how long has it been since we were clocking hours up in that mug?) it seems like decades since I've lived and worked in Pdx.

Ah sweet merciless time you just done run up the game didn't you?


Speaking of Pdx I wish I was drinking Stumptown right now and going to The Farm for dinner, though I had Dumont's last night and that Skate just doesn't disappoint!


Okay I'm going to get another bagel 'cause I'm one of like 5 poeple in the office today and also because I can be greedy like that sometimes.

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