Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Round-up Tie a Bow on it

2007 is about to leave us nothing but wet footprints upon the skull- here are some of my favorites:

1) Paul Violi- Overnight, Hanging Loose Press

Unquestionably my favorite book of '07 and here's one of the better reviews I've read about his book in Jacket 33-

2) Sawako Nakayasu- Insect Country B, Chapbook- Dusie Press

fellow Coldfronter dishes the goods

3) Matthew Rohrer- Rise Up, Wave Books
BigCityLit did a fearless and excellent write up on Rohrer

4) Prageeta Sharma- Infamous Landscapes, Fence Books

This eased in just as the year was beginning to ease out- I hope you found it under your Xmas tree! Read some poems from it in the latest ish of Fence

5) Laura Mullen- Murmur, Future Poem Books

Why weren't more people talking about this gem? Here's a wee interview with Mullen

6) Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Book of Days, Sorcery, Chapbook Dusie Press

Read four prose poems

7) CA Conrad, The Frank Poems, Chapbook, ypolita press

Read CA's killer poem in Sink Review

8) Structure & Surprise, edited by Michael Theune, Teachers & Writers Collaborative

9) Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, I Love Artists, University of California Press

Interview in Jacket 27

Okay, okay this was technically 2006, but I read in early 2007 so don't hate!


Journals that brought it


Barrow Street

Denver Quarterly


Sink Review

Real Poetik




Crazy Horse

Cold Front Magazine

Poets & Writers


Journals that didn't bring it:

Open City- poetry almost a non-factor

New Yorker- whateva Mr. Muldoon- same boring insiders' club- so y-a-w-n

Poetry- Okay, I'm feeling the translation section but honestly Calque does it better and 90% of what I read in Poetry is just plain boring esp. the essays.



The Pines

Ron Silliman- Love or hate him it's the most consistent and link-filled blog concerning poetry! & i actually love reading his movie reviews.

Jennifer Lew
- 'cause it's mad funny and generally filled with lots o pictures, videos, and writing that pops



Panda Bear, Radiohead, Aesop Rock, The Roots, MIA, Animal Collective, Band of Horses, Broken Social Scene, Common

Asobi Seksu & Blonde Redhead playing live


Hopefully 2008 brings new work from Eric Baus, Sarah Gambito, Michele Glazer, Claudia Rankine, Mark Bibbins, and Li-Young Lee.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Americus, Book Two?)

Suji Kwok Kim- where you at?


'07 Shout-outs:

David Lehman, Chris Stackhouse, Meghan Punschke, Prageeta Sharma, Coldfront, LIT

Joseph Lappie- get some sleep 'cause '08 is going to be a big year for you both as an artist & publisher!

Jared Hohl & Adam Wiedewitsch (Czar, Prime Minister, doctor - patients= pints for PSGS!)

Sandy Choi & Amyjoy Clark where are we eating in 2008?

Mina Cheong, Tara Mei Smith, Bichthu Cao Minh, Elliot Montgomery, Audrey Hawkins, Jason Napoli Brooks, Jared Hohl, Cara Wolinsky- thanks for the parties, get-togethers,hospitality, & assorted etc

Sandy Choi, Julia Li, Mina Cheong, Monica Kapoor, Audrey Hawkins, Shipra Misra, Dan Maegers, Nicole Pajor, Felisa Salvado-Keyes, James Stobie, Peter Moore and Mike thanks for coming out to the T&W readings


Blog Shout-outs (Keep blogging- don't leave me lonely)

Sandy Choi

Julia Cohen

Angela Veronica Wong

Dime Magazine

Julia, Cara, Audrey

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