Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Look Back

Well last week was a pretty busy week so I've been laying low ever since. Monday's KGB No Tell Motel was rather a love fest. It was good to see Bruce Covey again although I really didn't have a chance to talk with him and I met with Hugh Behm-Steinberg of whom I'd exchanged emails with but had never met in person so that was nice. He gave me a copy of Eleven Eleven- a journal from Cal Arts that he will be editing.

Meghan designed book covers for his book and Reb Livingston's new book so I also got Meghan's extra copies of those & free books are always swell.

Thursday I had my own joint to take care of hosting Brian Kim Stefans and Eric Baus. It was a great reading- people came out, drank and stuck around for a while after the reading.

Friday Prageeta had her book party at her "place" and it was great to see her again. Dan Magers wasn't too famillar with the neighborhood and seeing as Prageeta's place is about 5 minutes from mine I met Dan at the subway and we walked there together. Chris Stackhouse was there, Cathy Park Hong (who I saw read at Bryant Park and still haven't said hello to yet) was there, I talked with Sarah Gambitto for a minute and met Major Jackson so all and all it was a fun time but I had to keep it brief since I needed to go to my work party. Sometimes parties with "writers" are rather boring but Prageeta's was plenty fun but I feel like everyday I'm going to get fired from Eos so I needed to put in some "face-time" at the holiday party esp. since I knew my boss wasn't going to attend & it was an open bar!

So I got there around 11ish with my friend Sandy and we quickly made our way to the bar- prob stayed for a little over an hour which was just enough time to have a dirty martini (not nearly durty enough) and two maker mark's neat (served in plastic glasses- hmmmm C-H-E-A-P) Overall, I was less than impressed with QT but pleased to be drinking and happy that my work had a function in the city since HQ is all the fuck the way out in Westchester!

Saturday slipped away like yesterday pajamas but I talked to my friend Deepali on the phone and we figured out that we haven't seen each other since August. Crazy. I'm in BK and she's in the West Village. Time gets away from you here in this rotten apple, doesn't it?

Sunday I bought Prageeta's new book and had dinner at Bonita.

Monday I ate mexican again!

Now here we are on Tuesday. I'm off to meet an old classmate at Nolita House for a couple of drinks and a game of catch-up. I'm expecting a rather early night in and an incrediably looooooooooooooong day at work tomorrow.

There's a great reading on Thursday which I'll post maybe tomorrow and a coupla of joint bday parties on Saturday.... and somewhere in there I should be working on my PSA poetry chapbook + reading the 3 new books I aquired. hmmm.... I need a nap just thinking about the rest of this week.

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