Friday, June 24, 2011

Review & Popsickle 2011

I have a review of Sommer Browning's book here.

Info on this year's Popsickle here. It looks great! Sadly, Erika & I are already otherwise committed & Christie Ann is away so Stain of Poetry will have to miss it, but you shouldn't!

Also, been digging the Wave Books photo tumblr.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Around the web

Here's a nice interview with Sommer Browning.

How about some reading? OnandOnScreen and Evening Will Come.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poems & Stuff

I have some collab poems with Angela Veronica Wong up on Super Arrow!

"Improvisation and progression are development, orienting each other. Development, which is motion, is involved with preference. Preference is involved with subjectivity and direction and creates expectation. Writing is involved with movement, development, subjectivity, preference and direction. Subjectivity, which does not depend on pronouns, occurs in movement, development, writing and preference. Improvisation and progression, their motion, include rupture, discontinuity. Discontinuity is startling, shatters expectation. The questions become how great a surprise can you tolerate and how small a surprise can you register? Linkages, not always lineages, like lists and like submerged autonomic systems, have direction."

"Another perspective enjoins, "To speak out beyond his or her historical confinement has been a repeated mission of the concerned artist..." (Max Kozloff)

excerpts from To Be At Music by Norma Cole