Thursday, July 30, 2009

13 Most Beautiful and Four Poets in a Backyard

Celebrate Brooklyn! Presents Dean & Britta: 13 Most Beautiful…Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests

Dean & Britta perform original scores to Warhol's rarely seen short silent film portraits

Celebrate Brooklyn

Saturday, August 1, 7:30 p.m.
with Crystal Stilts

Dean & Britta, who are beloved as one of the sexiest duo’s in rock, in addition to being alumni of the groundbreaking alt-rock band Luna, perform original scores to Warhol's rarely seen short silent film portraits, which captured Factory superstars, celebrities, and anonymous teenagers in mesmerizing four-minute shots.
Lawless Pebbles Backyard Miniseries 3pm-6pm
Help us put the "ass" back in "class" and join us for readings by:

Ada Limon
Mark Lamoreaux
Dan Hoy
Jackie Clark

And bring something to drink!


Take the Q to 7th Ave and walk down Park Place until you get to 318, between Underhill and Washington. Or the 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hang That Brave Man and Take Him To Alice Blue

Chris Toneli's new chapbook out on Bravemen Press
As an undergrad I had a workshop (taught by Michele Glazer) with Nico Alvarado-Greenwood, so many many years later I'm thrilled to find his poem (along with tons of other great poets)in the new ish of H_NGM_N.
Paige Taggart is one of the many poets to be featured in the new ish of Alice Blue

Monday, July 27, 2009

Poems, Readings, Poems

Matthew Zapruder, Zach Shomburg and lots of others have poems in issue 3 of Notnostrums

Peter Moore is in the Hawaii Review

P-Que coming to NYC
Boog City presents

d.a. levy lives: celebrating the renegade press

P-Queue/Queue Books
(Buffalo, N.Y.)

this Tues., July 28, 6:00 p.m. sharp, free

Event will be hosted by
P-Queue/Queue Books editor Andrew Rippeon

Featuring readings from

José Felipe Alvergue
Stephen Collis
Zack Finch
Sueyeun Juliette Lee
Ben Miller

There will be wine, cheese, and crackers, too.

Curated and with an introduction by Boog City editor David Kirschenbaum


**P-Queue/Queue Books

P-Queue was founded in 2003 by Sarah Campbell with the special intent to investigate the overlaps and departures between the prose line and that of verse. Today P-Queue continues these investigations, while also exploring other such tipping points, including visual-textual, spoken-written, and polemic-poetic. A chapbook series started in 2007, and treats primarily collaborative projects.

*Performer Bios*

**José Felipe Alvergue

With an M.F.A. from the Cal Arts School of Critical Studies, José Felipe Alvergue is presently a student of the SUNY Buffalo Poetics Program. He is the author of us look up/ there red dwells (Queue Books).

**Stephen Collis

Stephen Collis is the author of three books of poetry, Mine (New Star); Anarchive (New Star), which was nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize; and The Commons (Talonbooks)—the latter two of which form parts of his on-going “Barricades Project.” He is also the author of two book-length studies, Phyllis Webb and the Common Good (Talonbooks) and Through Words of Others: Susan Howe and Anarcho-Scholasticism (ELS Editions). His new book, On the Material (which includes the long poem “4x4”) is forthcoming from Talonbooks next year. Long a member of the Kootenay School of Writing, he teaches American literature, poetry, and poetics at Simon Fraser University.

**Zack Finch

Zack Finch is a doctoral candidate in the poetics program at the State University of New York at Buffalo and teaches periodically as a visiting lecturer in creative writing at Dartmouth College. His poems and reviews have appeared in journals such as Poetry, American Letters & Commentary, Boston Review, and Tin House.

**Sueyeun Juliette Lee

Sueyeun Juliette Lee lives in Philadelphia, where she edits Corollary Press, a chapbook series devoted to new work by writers of color. Her publications include That Gorgeous Feeling (Coconut Books), and the chapbooks Mental Commitment Robots (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs), Perfect Villagers (Octopus Books), and Trespass Slightly In (Coconut).

**Benjamin Miller

Benjamin Miller has an M.F.A. from CalArts and is a writer and a musician. He lives in NYC.


C/E to 23rd St., 1/9 to 18th St.
Venue is bet. 10th and 11th avenues

Next event:

Thurs. Sept. 10
d.a. levy lives: celebrating the renegade press, Season 7 Kick-Off
Day 2 of 3rd annual Welcome to Boog City poetry and music festival

Rope-A-Dope Press (South Boston, Mass.)

Come out to Home Sweet Home, at 131 Chrystie Street, on Wednesday night to hear the marvelous JODIANN STEVENSON and the lovely GABRIELLA TORRES read. You'll have to wait for Christie Ann. We promise you'll be glad you did.

JodiAnn Stevenson & Gabriella Torres show us the error of our ways.
Wednesday, July 29. 7 PM sharp. Seriously, 7 PM sharp.
Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie Street

JodiAnn Stevenson makes her home in Bay City, Michigan where she is an Assistant Professor of writing and poetry at Delta College. She founded Binge Press, to showcase women’s work, in 2004 and 27 rue de fleures, an online journal of women’s poetries in 2005. Her first collection of poetry, The Procedure, was published in the fall of 2006 by March Street Press. Her second collection of poetry, “We, the Emperors” was a finalist in the Gertrude Press Chapbook Award in 2008. An excerpt of her “Kamikaze Death Poetry” is forthcoming in the “faux histories” issue of SPECS. Her recent blog project, Ms. Fish, the relentless, can be found at: Some of her visual poetry resides at

Gabriella Torres currently teaches writing at Baruch College in Manhattan. She is the author of Sister (Lame House Press 2005) and co-editor of the tiny along with Gina Myers. Her poetry has appeared in Sink Review, Cannibal and Past Simple.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Thursday, July 23, 2009
Octopus #12

Issue 12 of Octopus Magazine is now online.
:: ::

The issue features eight poets, each introduced by a peer.

Lynn Xu
Heather Christle
Jennifer L. Knox
Tony Tost
Cathy Park Hong
Christopher Stackhouse
Amanda Nadelberg
Kristi Maxwell

Introduced by

Katie Peterson
Lisa Olstein
K. Silem Mohammad
The Lucipo Poetics List
Arda Collins
Rebecca Wolff
Chris Fischbach
Ann M. Fine

The issue also contains reviews of

Farrah Field, Dobby Gibson, Thomas Hummel,
Carrie Hunter, Ellen Kennedy, Melissa Kwasny,
Helena Mesa, Vanessa Place & Robert Fitterman,
Robyn Schiff, Jeremy Schmall & Justin Taylor

Reviewed by

Dan Magers , Ben Kopel, Sommer Browning,
Kathleen Rooney, Dave Madden, Steven Karl,
Karla Kelsey, David Carillo, & David Sewell

CityParks Concerts: Slick Rick
Thursday, July 23, 2009
7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Slick Rick the infamous hip hop storyteller who wears a pirate’s eye patch, has delivered some of the 80’s greatest hits, including “La Di Da Di,” “Mona Lisa,” and “Children's Story.” Hip hop purists consider him one of the greatest MCs in hip hop’s history.

Location: East River Park: Band Shell (along the East River between Grand & Jackson streets)

Thee Oh Sees - Two Drummers Disappear

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


"I desire the purity of milk."
and once again i didn't know what s/he was/not talking about, but it
sounded like something believable.


a normative reality wanted to inject itself into the lover's vocabulary.


this is a travel story. about how a boy and girl leave home separately,/
go off to play dress up and other important games in the big world.
(working title) our good day

excerpts from "our good day" by Akilah Oliver

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hippie 101

What to do when hungry & lazy? The above dish is evidence that although I was born in Philly & pretty much grew up in 'Jersey, I've put my time in at places like Eugene and Portland, Oregon.

I put on some Here We Go Magic & hoped for some culinary magic. This took all of 10 minutes- maybe less. Tofu, garlic (from Chinatown) scallions, kale (CSA) sunflower and flax seeds (the nuttiness goes well with this particular style of kale) and brags for taste. Honestly, this is super-clean and completely healthy tasting if only a bit bland.

Tuesday with Rain

Last night I sent an email to someone saying that it finally feels like summer, in other words, dry & hot. So much for that, huh?

Here's the alternate location for the Bryant Park reading if it is still raining
Uncalled-for Readings Bryant Park: Ana Božičević, Brown, Susana Gardinier

In case of continued rain, tonight's reading will take place at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, 20 W. 44th St between 5th & 6th Aves, just 2 blocks north of Bryant Park.

See you tonight at 7:30!
Washington Square Midsummer Party!
Washington Square is NYU creative writing program’s nationally-distributed literary journal publishing fiction and poetry by emerging and established writers.
Readings by JOHN YAU, TIMOTHY LIU, MIRANDA FIELD, BEN MIROV, KATHERINE BOGDEN, and PORTER FOX, plus a hilarious reading by actor CONRAD WOOLFE reading from Rudolph Delson's story.

Thursday, July 23, 2009
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Happy Ending
302 Broome St, between Forsyth & Eldridge
New York, NY
Julia (Cohen) & Mathias (Svalina) have a new collab chapbook coming out from Cinematheque Press & you can read an excerpt here

Artist, Printer, Publisher, Joseph Lappie is on the move (again) from Chicago to Iowa so here's your chance to buy some paintings, prints, and drawings at a discounted rate & he's keeping a blog too! Check out his work & words here
Sharon Mesmer is making a run at being the next Poet Laurette of Brooklyn. Matt Rohrer is also in the mix, but haven't heard much about his campaign so I'm assuming Sharon wants it more... read & decide & vote here
Time to make some food. Tofu stir-fry with garlic, kale, and whatever else is left in the fridge.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back At It

Sorry, I've only been on the internet intermittently these past few days. On Thursday I attempted to go to MOMA but one person said that I could not use my FIT Faculty ID to enter, then another person said it was fine, but said Lila's student ID was not acceptable.


MOMA consistently has the least informed and often angry staff. I've gotten into MOMA using my New School student ID, my FIT/SUNY ID, & both of my CUNY School faculty ID's & almost every time someone says "oh no we don't accept that," and then someone else says, "enjoy the exhibit." Does MOMA frustrate anyone else? I was actually planning taking my Intro to Lit class there to check out the Ensor's painting but now I won't even bother.

Friday Lila and I went to Brighton Beach and then on Saturday caught The Raveonettes and Built to Spill at the Siren Fest. I missed James Stobie's bday dinner so happy b-lated James! Yesterday, I caught some of Dirty Projectors. What I heard and occasionally saw was good.

Today, I'll show Ordinary People to my Lit class.

Right now, I'm going to eat some black eye pea salad but you should read this review of Craig Santos Perez's book. It's so good. I lent my copy to a friend and I hope she's enjoying it. Here's the review up on Jacket.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lace 'Em Up You Ekleksographia

Do you know about You should, because this site is dedicated to music and all its machinations! It's extremely user-friendly and dare I bring back the word FRESH. They break down the best shows of the week, as well as, have concert and album reviews. Seriously, check it out here. Oh, and they are looking to expand their base of writers so you should seriously contact them.

You know what else is Fresh? The latest issue of Ekleksographia edited by Amy King featuring more talented poets than you can bat yo pretty lashes at. I stayed up late into the evening reading poems by Sampson Starkweather, Keith Newton, Evie Shockley, Farrah Field and the list goes on & on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cornel West opens WVU's Festival of Ideas

Cornel West speaks tonight 5pm at Barnes & Nobles- Union Square. I'll have to miss it 'cause of work, but he's definitely worth seeing.

Cornel West

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CSAing away a Tuesday

Time to use some of the CSA goods again- kale, purple bok choy, scallions, garlic scape, and not from CSA- tofu, mushrooms, and wanton wrappers which I realized I forgot how to fold. Oh well, they came out pretty ugly but taste great.

France/London/Brooklyn-- Words Everywhere

Cerise Press, an online journal based in the United States and France, builds cross-cultural bridges by featuring artists and writers in English and translations, with an emphasis on French and Francophone works. Co-founded by Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Sally Molini, and Karen Rigby in 2009, Cerise Press hopes to serve as a gathering force where imagination, insight, and conversation express the evolving and shifting forms of human experience. Check out the first issue here
Issue 13 of London's OneEdit is up and it features Emily Critchley's "Homage to Cathy Wagner.

Also if you haven't checked out OneEdit before be sure to read some of the super-smart reviews here
How about some b-sides with a nice mix of my fave poets Steinberg and Barizo? Check out the flip side to At-Large Magazine's A-side here. Oh, and this At-Large officially crushes the streak of Steinberg & I being published in tandem. I guess nothing last forever.

The Depreciation Guild - "Dream About Me" | Mercury Lounge | 2.07.2009

Serena-Maneesh: Sapphire Eyes

Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Poetik Update

Sampson Starkweather has poems up on Real Poetik & there has been a changing of editors so get your submissions ready.
Dear readers,

Happy summer. I'd like to share some news with you: I'm delighted to announce that two new editors, the wonderful poets Lily Brown & Claire Becker, yes: Claire Becker & Lily Brown, will now conduct your weekly encounters with RealPoetik. It's been an honor sending poems your way for three years (some of them yours!), & reading your comments and submissions. I send hugs and take a bow. I hope you'll keep in touch: write to me at, visit me at, and look for my book due out from Tarpaulin Sky Press in the fall. I'll be reading on with you, so let's see what Lily & Claire have in store for us:

[exit Ana Bozicevic]
[enter Lily Brown & Claire Becker]:

We're excited to be taking over editorial duties at RealPoetik and look forward to building on the work Ana and previous editors have done. The poems published as emails in RealPoetik are able to go virtually anywhere--read on your phone on the train, aloud to your dog, on a braille display; or printed out and scribbled on; deleted; or replied to. Through email and the RealPoetik blog, we will bring you poems straight from the physical world, where real-live poetry communities won’t be superseded anytime soon. We're dedicated to publishing poems that are engaging, challenging, and aesthetically diverse. We look forward to this new endeavor and would love to hear from you at any time!

Lily & Claire

About the Editors:

Lily Brown holds an MFA from Saint Mary's College of California. Her first book, Rust or Go Missing, is forthcoming from Cleveland State University Poetry Center. She lives in Chicago and in Athens, where she is a Ph.D. student at The University of Georgia.

Claire Becker lives in Oakland and teaches high school at the California School for the Blind. She is the author of the chapbooks Untoward, from Lame House Press, and Get You, from Duration Press. She holds an MFA from Saint Mary's College of California and an Education Specialist Instruction Credential from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

If you can make it tomorrow be sure to catch Kaveh's reading. His poems are beautiful and he's a great reader!
Bryant Park Reading Room

Tuesday, July 14
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Kaveh Bassiri
Patrick S. Donnelly
Richard Tayson

11 W. 42nd St.
(behind the New York Public Library
between 40th and 42nd Streets & Fifth and Sixth)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tricked-Out Baushouse

Trickhouse Vol. 5 is up!... Josh Friedman, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Thalia Field, Joanna Howard, Verbobala, Caroline Bergvall, Anne Waldman, Lisa Jarnot, Conversations with Gordon Massman, Lisa Birman, and a questionnaire from Brandon Shimoda and Lisa Schumaier.
Here's a couple of Eric Baus related links that I found on Dottie's blog

Eric Baus interviewed by Cynthia Arrieu-King in Jacket 37

12 or 20 questions with Baus on Rob Mclennan's blog

Both interviews are good & discuss Baus' process/editing, as well as, inspirations.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Special Solidarity Reading

from Kaveh Bassiri

Dear Triptych Readings friends,

Some of you may know that I'm Literary Arts Director of the Persian Arts Festival, which has a Shab-e She’r, Persian Poetry Night, at Bowery Poetry Club. In solidarity with the struggle for democracy in Iran, the Persian Arts Festival, the Association of Iranian American Writers, ArteEast, and The Translation Project are hosting a gathering of writers to bear witness to the courage and aspirations of millions of Iranians and to condemn the repression against peaceful protestors. We have many wonderful readers, such as Cornelius Eady, Luis Francia, D. Nurkse, and Eleanor Wilner, along with Iranian-American writers Amir Parsa, Roger Sedarat, Dalia Sofer, and Said Sayrafiezadeh. They will be reading from Iranian resistance literature, classical to modern, to poems about the current events. The evening will also include live musical performances and will be streamed on the Bowery Poetry Club’s site ( We hope you can join us and share in our support for this historic struggle.

Literature of Resistance:
An Afternoon in Solidarity with the Iranian People

Saturday, July 11, 2009
2:00-5:00 PM
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery (btwn Houston & Bleecker)

Some Friends Are Busier Than Me

Blue Print Review Issue 21 is up featuring fiction from my friends, Nicole Wong and Molly Gaudry.
10 questions about Reb Livingston's editorial chops for No Tell Motel here
Brooklyn Copeland's new chapbook is already sold-out. Brooklyn is as talented as she is bad-ass. Adam Fieled has some brilliant insights into her work.
Sommer Browning is reading poems and presenting comix (I don't know what that means!) on Friday for the issue release of Drunken Boat 10 in a real live Chelsea Gallery!
with these amazing people: derek beaulieu, Rand Richards Cooper, Sharon Dolin, Ram Devineni, Elizabeth Kadetsky, Harriet Levin & Elisabeth Subrin!

July 10th, 6-8 pm
SoHo20 Gallery

511 West 25th St.
Suite 605
between 10th & 11th Avenues
The new issue of Drunken Boat is here
Hong-An Truong is doing this:


curated by Anaïs Lellouche & Hajnalka Somogyi

ISCP is pleased to announce Picture Parlor IV: 'Pecha Kucha Freestyle' on July 10, 2009 8-10PM. The event will be held on and around the loading dock at ISCP and will bring together artists, architects and curators.


Olivier Babin (ISCP) | Rhys Coren (ISCP) | Koenraad Dedobbeleer (ISCP) Baris Gokturk | Adam Kleinman | Liz Magic Laser | Vaclav Magid (ISCP) John Menick | Bjargey Olafsdottir (ISCP) | Anna Ostoya | Jochen Plogsties & Ivy Haldeman (ISCP) | Alexandre Singh | Samu Szemerey | Hong-An Truong | Wendy Vogel



One often-claimed asset of residency programs is that creative people working in close proximity might inspire one another. You put together twenty-something cultural producers from all over the world into a building (in a city where, so it seems, every fifth person works in the arts anyways), you let them stroll around town, meet their peers and other people and new ideas will spark, art will flourish. When curators visit the studios, what they first get is usually a standard presentation of the artist's work of the past few years; however, the “real” discussion begins when all the collateral stories, ideas and experiences are put onto the table. On a summer night event, shouldn't we skip the first part and see how “inspiration” works?

'Pecha Kucha' (chatter in Japanese), is an international social event initiated by architects who were tired of never-ending presentations by their verbose colleagues. It consists of a series of slide projections by the participants who also comment on the visuals. It has strict rules: one can present twenty slides for twenty seconds each, which allows everyone to speak and shine for no less and no more than 6 minutes and 40 seconds. So far, Pecha Kucha has been usually mistaken as a tool for presenting one's own projects “fast food style”; we suggest that it has an even greater potential in triggering a chat about anything but one's oeuvre.

On the occasion of Pecha Kucha Freestyle, participants – ISCP residents, and artists, curators and architects from NYC – were asked to present on anything that goes on in their minds; to share impulses, memories or obsessions that influence their work, to tell true stories, fiction, and lies, to impart theories and suspicions that inform their thinking process. You won't see their artworks, we don't even promise that you will get a thorough insight into how art works. However, this playful format will certainly allow for a jam of eclectic source materials, quickly alternating between slapstick and serious, performative and poetic, found, archived and invented; giving you long-awaited translations of eighties Russian punk-rock, Sempé comics on NYC, the secret systems of bank vestibules, and animal presenters, mustaches and mullets... You will want more.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CSAing away a Wednesday

One of the nice things about belonging to a CSA is that you get exposed to produce you wouldn't necessarily buy. Case in point: Japanese Turnips. These are covered in olive oil, sea-salt, fresh ground pepper, and rosemary. Simply roast (bake) them in the oven (425) for a little over 10 minutes. The first time I made them Lila mixed with in with a beets, romaine lettuce, and blue cheese.

Today I'm going to make a bruschettas using the turnips, blue cheese, tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and carmelized onions.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Press Action

scantily clad update!

new titles:

Interests by Nada Gordon

The Empire by Mark Leidner

Last New Death by Rob MacDonald

The Sin Sonnets (A Redouble) by Amy Newman

All My Poems by Nate Pritts

The Execution of Little Maude by Jeffrey Skinner

Take 11 Wolf Teeth and Call Me in the Morning by Abraham Smith

A Series of Ad Hoc Permutations, or RUBY Love-Songs by Joshua Ware
Dear Friends of Flying Guillotine,

artist of coathanger girls and mitten girls

girls of the month forked men snakemen

beginning to people beginning to color

--from The Saint's Notebook, a hand stitched book of poems, covered in burlap, and printed in an edition of 74. Every cover is unique, every poem is a bursting canyon.

Kate Schapira lives in Providence, Rhode Island, where she teaches writing to college and elementary school students and makes chapbooks. She's the author of several chapbooks, including The Love of Freak Millways and Tango Wax (Cy Gist Press), Case Fbdy. (Rope-A-Dope Press) and Heroes & Monsters (forthcoming from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs).

Pick one up here

Good summer wishes!

Flying Guillotine Press

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Much Reading You'll Need A New Set Of Eyes

Besides there being new issues of Fence, LIT, & Effing Magazine (which I'll blog about once I read them- I'm still reading the latest Jubilat & Lungfull) here are some online journals to tempt your intellect:

The new issue of CUE is up (first on-line version), guest-edited by Mark Horosky with work from Julia Cohen & Mathias Svalina in it, alongside work by Elizabeth Willis, Richard Siken, Matt Hart, Sarah Manguso, Tony Mancus, Dorothea Lasky, Tim Peterson, Reb Livingston, Chaz McCallahan, and Jason Labbe.

The 11th issue of pax americana is up, with such shining stars as: Paige Taggart, Christie Ann Reynolds, Nicole Santalucia, Sarah Feeley, Lauren Hunter, Jean Hartig, Amy LAwless, Matthew Yeager, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Kiely Sweatt, Patricia Smith, Aria Boutet, Rachel-Herman Gross, Taryn Andrew, Joseph Millar, Dorianne Laux, Teege Braune.

Rabbit Light Movies
Episode #9
suzanne buffam | Joshua Beckman | Dorothea Lasky | Srikanth Reddy | Magdalena Zurawski |
Lauren Levin | Graham Foust | CAConrad | Aaron Kunin | brandon shimoda | Catherine Theis

If We Could Collect All The Missing Hours

The other night I went to the effing magazine reading.

I woke up early on Wednesday to help some friends load a moving truck.

One of the slogans on the truck said, "Dedication at every turn."


Justin, Farrah, Jared, Jules, Mathias, & I sat on the steps eating Mexican food.

I felt bummed that Jules & Mathias are moving to Denver.

My friends, Joseph & Anna, are leaving Chicago & moving to Iowa.

I guess I'm going to Denver & Iowa this year.

I hope to catch a Nuggets game & maybe Ty Lawson will get some minutes.

Anyways after moving I taught a 3.5 hour Intro to Lit course.

I figured I would be mentally & physically exhausted.

I went to bed a little after 11.

Then it happened.

I spent from 11:30 to 1am trying to hunt & kill a mosquito.

Have I ever told you how much I hate mosquitoes?

Today I stepped outside.

Got rained on.

Picked up some dry-cleaning.

Paid some bills.

Ate yogurt & granola.

Now it is just you & me.