Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Get Art/Give Art

Fa-la-la-la-la I know you're jinglingly right along this time of year heavy-headed in getting and giving gifted & since you, my dear readers, live such poetic-ness lives maybe keep your step fresh and give the gift that keeps on giving i.e. art!

Peptic Robot Press (publishers of my chapbook, Lovers' Last Go Around and forthcoming chapbook poetry/art collaboration) has a nifty little mail-art gift idea.

It's as such:

What better gift then a year subscription to the 12 x 20 x 12 mail art campaign?

Contact Joseph Lappie at pepticrobotpress@hotmail.com and let him know who it is for and in what quantity. Give him the address & send him a check for 20 dollars (now holla if that aint on the real cheap!)

Here's what you get for your twenty bones:

12 months of art- 1 peice of art every month + for every person you sign up you get a "thank you" piece of art sent your way fa free!

PRP will ship via mail until the 20th and if there are any late buyers PRP will FedEx until the 22nd ($5 FedEx fee).

I've been getting his art since forever and I'm constantly impressed so yep I'm signing some peeps up myself!

Get an eyeful of prints, books, illustrations, etc at www.pepticrobotpress.com

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