Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Duty's duty

I've been on jury duty since Thursday which involves A LOT of waiting! So I decided to pass the time reading Celine. If you know Celine and have done jury duty then you know that I have a sense of humor, albeit a sometimes dark one. Also been reading Boog City to satisfy that poetry itch.

Friday, January 25, 2008

So Many Readings Yo Head May Implode

With AWP rolling into town next week there are going to be a c-r-a-z-y amount of readings. Here's what's on my radar:

Monday Jan 28th
A & B reading
St. Petersburg Review &
Ugly Duckling Presse present

Peter Gizzi

Aleksandr Skidan
Genya Turovskaya


Thursday, Jan 31st
is proud to celebrate its
10 year anniversary
on Thursday, January 31,
during AWP! 7-9 PM.
Journals and books will be
available for purchase!

We're pleased to be joined by
1913: A Journal of Forms
Indiana Review and
Saturnalia Books

Please come out and join us for a reading from the following authors:

Christopher Stackhouse
John Keene
Shin-Yu Pai
Daniel Nester
Ross Gay
Kathleen Graber
Catherine Pierce


Thursday, 31 JAN 08 8-10 pm
Ahsahta Press / Litmus Press reading
with Kate Greenstreet, Susan Briante, Kate Colby, Brenda Iijima, Kristi Maxwell, Rusty Morrison, Stacy Szymaszek, Mark Tardi, Susan Tichy, & others TBA

The Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery a
t Bleecker
F train to Second Ave


A Brooklyn Book Burning
Featuring 15 authors from 6 publishers:
Thursday, January 31st
Doors @ 7 PM
East Coast Aliens
216 Franklin Street (Greenpoint neighborhood), Brooklyn, NY
tel (718) 514-7625

Killer Lineup:

CD Wright
Eleni Sikelianos
Graham Foust
Joyelle McSweeney
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Julie Doxsee
Max Winter
Adam Clay

Zachary Schomburg
Morgan Lucas Schuldt
Lily Brown
Rauan Klassnik
Cindy Savett
Jon Thompson
Melanie Hubbard

Hosted by Black Ocean, Cannibal Books, Free Verse Editions, Kitchen Press, Octopus, Tarpaulin Sky Press & Typo.


Friday looks like this

Saturday to come soon!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Radiohead - Reckoner (Scotch Mist Version)

This will definitely age me a bit but I remember seeing Radiohead twice for their first album- once in Philly at The T.L.A. and once at University of Maryland where they um... opened for Belly. Think about that

Monday, January 21, 2008

Get Up To Get Down

Two great readings are going down on Thursday! Where will you be?

Annoying Diabetic Bitch (Combo Books)-- Sharon Mesmer
Sonnetalia (Roof Books)-- Marc Nasdor

Thursday, January 24
Mehanata Bulgarian Bar
113 Ludlow Street

Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello DJ-ing at 10:30
F/J/M/Z trains to Delancey/Essex
Free admission until 10:30
$10 after
Cash bar

Aww yeah!

More info:



Thursday, January 24, 2008 7pm

Ann Lauterbach & Garrett Kalleberg

Free and open to the public

Garrett Kalleberg is the author of Some Mantic Daemons, Psychological Corporations, and Limbic Odes. His poems, reviews and translations have appeared in Brooklyn Rail, The Canary, Crowd, Damn the Caesars, Tragaluz (Mexico), Fence, Sulfur, First Intensity, Denver Quarterly, A.bacus, and Mandorla, and in An Anthology of New (American) Poets. His awards for poetry and critical writing include two awards from the Academy of American Poets and two grants from The Fund for Poetry. Garrett lives in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Ann Lauterbach has published seven collections of poetry: Many Times, But Then (1979), Before Recollection (1987), Clamor (1991), And For Example (1994), On A Stair 1997), If in Time :Selected Poems 1975-2000 (2001) and Hum (2005), several chapbooks, and collaborations with visual artists, including How Things Bear Their Telling with Lucio Pozzi and A Clown, Some Colors, A Doll, Her Stories, A Song, A Moonlit Cove with Ellen Phelan for the Library Fellows of the Whitney Museum, New York. She has written on art and poetics in relation to cultural value, notably in a series of seven columns for the American Poetry Review entitled "The Night Sky", essays on sculptor David Smith's writings and drawings, and a collaborative work for sculptor Ann Hamilton's "Whitecloth" catalogue for the Aldrich Museum. A colletion of her prose: The Night Sky: Writings on the Poetics of Experience was published in 2005 by Viking, and will be re-issued in Penguin paper in spring 2008. Lauterbach is Co- Director of Writing in the Milton Avery Gradute School of the Arts and Ruth and David Schwab II Professor of Language and Literature at Bard College. She is the recipient of Guggenheim, New York State Foundation for the Arts, Ingram Merrill and MacArthur fellowships. She is a Visiting Critic (sculpture and painting) at the Yale School of Art.

Hosted by Stuart Krimko and Christopher Stackhouse

Max Protetch511 W. 22nd St. (btwn 10-11ave)New York, New York 10011 212. 633. 6999info@maxprotetch.com

Where Europe Begins

Got a little extra chedda in your savings/checking account?

Feel like guestimating on tax refunds and spending it before you have it?

Well, if you find yourself in London during the month of February &/or March Ryan Air has tickets to a bunch of European destination for $8 to $15 USD!

The sale started on Friday and yes, of course, ends today so feel impulsive, buy some tickets, and send me a postcard!

Full details here

Friday, January 18, 2008

Melville House Opens in DUMBO Tomorrow

Daily Candy NYC had a write-up about Melville House's grand-opening tomorrow in DUMBO. I'm definitely excited to have them move into DUMBO and imagine the space is amazing. Read the write-up here

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kate Greensteet, Joshua Harmon & Sommer Browning- 1/20/08


WHEN: Sunday, January 20th from 4:30-6:00 pm

WHERE: 440 6th Ave. (at 10th St., F to 7th Ave.)

CONTACT: Brooke Shaffner at brshaffner@hotmail.com

Admission Free



Kate Greenstreet is the author of case sensitive (Ahsahta Press, 2006) and three chapbooks, Learning the Language (Etherdome Press, 2005), Rushes (above/ground press, 2007), and This is why I hurt you (Lame House Press, forthcoming). Her poems have appeared in Conduit, Barrow Street, Pool, 26, Xantippe, and other journals. Her second book, The Last 4 Things, will be out from Ahsahta in 2009. Visit her online at kickingwind.com.


Joshua Harmon is the author of Quinnehtukqut, a novel. His fiction, nonfiction, and poems have appeared in many journals, and he has received fellowships in fiction from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. He teaches at Vassar College.


Sommer Browning writes poems in Brooklyn. Her poems have appeared in New York Quarterly, spork, Forklift, Ohio and elsewhere. Vale Tudo, her chapbook, will be out with horse less press soon.If you're ever in Williamsburg, visit her at the poetry series she hosts at Pete's Candy Store.

About 440 Gallery: Park Slope’s only artist-run gallery, a jewel box space offering an alternative venue for 13 Brooklyn artists. 440 Gallery seeks to present surprising, unexpected art to the community through exhibitions, talks, readings and events centered around direct contact with the artist. Open Thursdays and Fridays from 4-7 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6 pm, or by appointment.

Smack Dab In The Middle

Here we are 16 days into the new year. I emailed Veronica to see how her writing was going now that we're in a new year, and like me, she hasn't written too much... I did manage to write a poem yesterday but probably won't even give it a look-over until the weekend least I be fooled by elation of accomplishment!

Yesterday was my friend and neighbor, Ai's, birthday! A bunch of us met after work for drinks at EN. Mina picked out a saki which was billed as rich and bold. Bottom line- it was delicious! Then as hunger started making its music inside hollow stomachs a splintering occured which included Angelique, myself, Sandy, Shipra, and Monica (temporarily) in search of food which landed us Quantum Leap.

I can still taste the jalapenos from my veggie burger this morning despite many stints of teeth brushing and coffee consuming.

After that Shipra got her Pink Berry fix on only to discover that Red Mango does it better and myth goes that Pink Berry stole Red Mango's idea and launched it in the states, nonetheless, Red Mango uses real ceritified yougurt and Pink Berry is fake, fake, fake which might be better if you're the title of a Blonde Redhead albulm but not if you want to eat a frozen treat.

Friday Zadie Smith will be at McNally Robinson over on Prince Street and then there's that Poetry Brothel which I blogged about on Sunday(?) which I'm going to skip. I have a bday party on Saturday, then there's a decent reading at 440 Gallery on Sunday which I'll post later this week.

Surprisingly there are no pictures from Ai's bday (except promo pick for her and mina's design company) so I'll just leave you with these words.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sonic youth - The diamond sea

Sunday is almost Monday, it's raining, I meant to write a poem-- instead I've been watching videos- still LOVE this song

'08 Off With A Bang

now that i'm not curating a reading series for teachers & writers collaborative i'll prolly spend more time blogging about some other nyc/brooklyn readings. here are my suggestions- all of them have up their 08 schedules except kgb.

reading between a&b


Special Events

There's that Poetry Brothel thing going down on the Jan 18th which you can read about here and here. I was & remain skeptical but since I know a lot of people affiliated with the project & Sharon Mesmer is involved I'm thinking the fun factor could be off da charts. Speaking of Sharon she's throwing a book party which will be A LOT OF FUN- I'll post specifics as the date gets closer!

I've also read of some sort of poetry/dance party thang happening on the 16th of February which just happens to be my bday. I'm hoping to be in London, but if not you'll prolly catch me there.


And of course there will be a zillion of readings both onsite and offsite to correspond with AWP, as well as, the book fair which will be free on Saturday!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Poem

A Certain Slant of Sunlight

by Ted Berrigan

In Africa the wine is cheap, and it is
on St. Mark's Place too, beneath a white moon.
I'll go there tomorrow, dark bulk hooded
against what is hurled down at me in my no hat
which is weather: the tall pretty girl in the print dress
under the fur collar of her cloth coat will be standing
by the wire fence where the wild flowers grow not too tall
her eyes will be deep brown and her hair styled 1941 American
will be too; but
I'll be shattered by then
But now I'm not and can also picture white clouds
impossibly high in blue sky over small boy heartbroken
to be dressed in black knickers, black coat, white shirt,
buster-brown collar, flowing black bow-tie
her hand lightly fallen on his shoulder, faded sunlight falling
across the picture, mother & son, 33 & 7, First Communion Day, 1941--
I'll go out for a drink with one of my demons tonight
they are dry in Colorado 1980 spring snow.

From Selected Poems by Ted Berrigan, published by Penguin Poets

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Damn AWP- No love for the procrastinators?

The website says that 7,000 people have registered and it is now sold out. It also says that no more tickets will be sold. I hope they change their mind on this. I hadn't registered yet, despite really wanting to attend Thursday's conferences because I have a huge deadline at work for Feb. 1st and I'm skeptical that I'll actually get the day off, as well as, being called for jury duty starting Jan. 24th which is really gonna fuck up my deadline if I'm selected. It will ultimately mean spending weekends at Eos or putting in even longer hours prior to the 24th- ugh! the thought of losing my weekends or already limited week-nights makes me ill so I'll digress for now....

Nonetheless, NYC being what it is I'm sure there will be a ton of stuff happening "off-site" as well and most certainly I'll get into something-- but still it would have been nice be amongst peers, you know the "community" i.e. ad hoc family, etc...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

That New Year's Eve Thang

so for the past two years i've spent nye at Ellitot's in Bushwick

here's canada aka elliot getting his duurty south on

an eyefull of beauty: sandy, audrey, monica, & mina

what's a party without sameer & audrey showing the dance floor some love?

two years straight mina and shipra have baked a cake- mina's cutting as masses are closing in out of frame

finito! some went to other parties while i pointed the way back home- bed, sleep, tomorrow, etcs

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Remember Christmas Like It Was Yesterday

Sandy & I met up on Christmas day for dim sum

Cousins? Hehehe. After dim sum we met up with our friend Deepali & her dog, Copper

I had to lift Sandy into this hand but I know what you're thinking- them some boots

Whut? Whut? Blazers for Xmas

Is It Too Soon To Comodify Nostalgia?

Sandy and I on Thanksgiving

Meghan Punschke is amused

Amyjoy suggested a hike for the day after Thanksgiving

Me, Amyjoy, and her roommate, Rowena

Sandy, Amyjoy, and Rowena

What's for dinner?