Saturday, December 22, 2007

The New School Represents

so i've been reading the lastest ish of H_NGM_N (
& damn if new school isn't reppin' hard! it has three poems from ns alum, david sewell, as well as poems from 2nd yr, julia cohen, and 1st yr ben mirov- now that's a hot platter served with extra sauce.


also checking out the lastest ish of Fence which is like Prageeta's party in print. It has poems from her, Sarah Gambito, and Major Jackson. daaaaaaanm, how come I'm not up in that mug? o right, they rejected me a coupla months back- it's cool though like the trail blazer i'm gonna get some comeuppance, you just wait and see... ah the stuff of dreams... sigh


been waiting for my contributor ish of KNOCK to arrive, as well as, the lastest issue of Claque, but what i wasn't expecting arrived in the form of reb livingston's new book sent courtesy of b.covey for review on dope & good lookin' bruce! the funny thing is that i already own the book 'cause meghan ( did the cover art and gave her second contributor copy so if anyone wants a copy of reb's new book and you'll write a review for say jacket, or cutbank, or litonline, or pretty much anywhere except coldfront holla at your boy.

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