Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another weekend slipped

as it it eased by soft fluff of whisped cloud left with expansed blue up over yes yonder
what comes tuesdays and

days belonging to other alphabet drolls or is that dreams? where is the i in imagination
is it you?

music music yes music is what we want want almost most much

much as quiet right before the chorus- everyone qued and rararararararararararararara

yeah rememeber that?

oh no! this is not a poem- just me babbling in stanzas. handed in me thesis today (beat my self-imposed June deadline), sent back my signed offer-sheet letter to eos airlines, watched daises (czech new wave film recommended by jared hohl) and somehow have managed to hurt my foot with all this running betwixt midtown, east village, and cobble hill. also picked up new ish of LIT + recieved poetry and crazy horse in the mail. okay, another glass of knob creek, 3 cheers of exhaustion, and some reading to be done!

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