Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer & Random Thoughts

I found myself sitting outside of The Bean (I'm staying in the East Village- cat sitting for my friend Kiely) reading Paul Violi's new book, Overnight, and couldn't help but notice how much like Summer today is... honestly, i'm not a "shorts" person and prefer to not even think about them until, um July- but I have a feeling that I'll be heading back to my apartment in Cobble Hill to get some shorts and slip-on Vans and just roll like whateva...

Last night my ex, Sandy, and our friend, Monica came over and I realised I had absolutely nothing to offer them in regards to refreshments so I sauntered over to Whole Foods fully cafienated on a iced cap and bought a variety of juices.. now this has happened to me a few times already, but why o why would you ever put five or six bottles of liquid into the same bag? Do you realize how fucking heavy and noisy it is to lug that around? of course, by the time it takes the cashier to reassemble into two bags you know you could be half-way home already- all that is to say, i'm really enjoying this pomegranate/blueberry juice,

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