Sunday, May 6, 2007


This weekend seemed a marathon of parties and readings since graduation is upon us. I went to Amy McDaniel's on Wednesday and met some new people, i.e. non-poets and probably had too much fun. I had to read from my thesis on Thursday- it wasn't perfect and of course, now i wish i had read different poems, but overall it went well enough. Laura Cronk had some nice things to say about one of my poems and i was pleased with her kindness. Then I rushed back to T&W to catch the tale end of Tuten/Napoli Brooks reading and clean up.

I managed to see most of my peers read over the 3 days and felt overall it was a pretty solid showing, which is funny 'cause as a first year I was very very critical- shows what i don't know.

Went to Cafe Loup last night and it was a bit odd for me, since I've only been once before and once to Spain- both NS haunts. Everyone seemed to fall into usual patterns and famillarites and it made me think how absent i am to it all, but i managed to get in a few hellos, hahas, etc before calling it an early evening.

Today I went to my friend, Jared's for a bbq then left that to go to Haley's for her bbq. Both were dandy, but in truth i'm exhausted, tired of drinking, and making the smallest of chatter- yet here i am now- Sunday evening, a bit lonely after watching a sad movie and talking wiht my ex... makes me think of that song "oh what a world we live in."

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