Friday, May 11, 2007

Mei-mei and Prageeta the day after

well the reading last night was exceptional, except for the fact that um... no one came! perhaps that's an exageration because I was lucky enough to have my friends, Sandy, Shipra, and Monica attend the reading & two of Prageeta's former students also came, but other than that there was Mei-mei's husband, Richard Tuttle, and their daughter, Martha. There were 3 other people too, but for poets of their caliaber it was truly a sad affair to see soooooo many empty seats... All night i couldn't sleep and had a pit in my stomach... we all know that poetry is pretty much a thankless affair but some nights it seems to be equal thankless and mockery! Kindly enough I've been invited to read my poems for a couple of events later this month and then after that I think i'll have to take a bit of a break from all this... just get back to reading and writing- so here's to hoping it's a long summer filled with friends, rooftop bbq's in brooklyn, and lots of good food/drinks.

The one nice thing though is the way Mei-mei constantly referred to her husband throughout the reading and the way he championed Mei-mei after the reading + watching Kazu and Amedeo (Blonde Redhead) on Tuesday made me want to be in love again or at least believe in love again so here's to daffadils and whatnots!

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