Saturday, May 19, 2007

Haley Heaton reading at the Bowery

Here are 3 poems by Haley (courtesy of who along with others will be reading today at the Bowery. I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of the Elephant Hotel!

Three Poems
by Hayley Heaton

The Elephant Hotel

Oh, what shameful yellows I have worn,
on holiday to balmy souths.
I tied his wrists to be his porn,
and hid his will inside my mouths.
I’ve fucked while Warhol watched above
a noisy bed, some wooden flooring
and smirked about my sometimes love
in the shower the next morning.
And all the lies that I've confessed,
between the folds of hotel sheets,
could make an A upon my breast,
a notice there, an indiscreet.
Oh sin, oh sin, oh glad lament,
Come again and repent, repent!


What are you doing on top of the National Cathedral,
Darth Vader? Are you feeling suicidal again or are you
taking confession? Where are you on the side of envy?
What was your last lust? Do you have a foot fetish?
Do you have a library card?

Girl Reclining (Louise O’ Murphy)

Oh, pink, pink blue mustard cream,
how did you get so lovely
my Popsicle? How I would love
to see the blush of handprint
on your bottom. How I would
love to see a paintbrush peaking
from where it does not belong.

Hayley Heaton is a poet living in New York City. Originally from Salt Lake City, Heaton was educated at the University of Utah and Cambridge University in England. Her chapbook, hubbub, (Ahh Press) was published in 2004.

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