Friday, June 1, 2007

Not Much of Anything

You know in New York there are always readings and other literary events to attend. I believe the Book Expo begins today or was it last night? My lack of knowledge should clue you in that I'm taking a week off and not doing much of anything for a couple of reasons:

1) I start one of those 40 hr week jobs next week and 2) somehow I've managed to hurt my foot so it only feels good when I'm not walking anywhere 'tho i will succomb to the call of coffee soon and hobble over to The Bean + I need to go to Cobble Hill because I could have a week of Netflix and rejection (oh i mean acceptance) letters bulging from my mailbox!

Right now I'm reading the new issue of LIT, Crazyhorse, and half reading Poetry Magazine plus Joanna Fuhrman's Frued in Brooklyn. LIT is pretty solid (of course i'd lie and say it was even if it wasn't since i'm on the editorial staff) with lots of Ashbery Festival essays, and Crazyhorse has new poems from Michele Glazer and Albert Goldbarth!

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