Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sunny days and MFA's

It's a new month and lots of happenings in May. I've been under-caffienated and listless as of late- to say nothing of my constant state of sleepy/sleeplessness...

Well, my good 'ol thesis is due tomorrow and yours truly will be a bit late in turning that in- i'm thinking June... is that reckless?

I have a 2nd interview today so soon i'll have to put on the button-up, the slacks, and v-neck sweater and head down to downtown bk...

Frederic Tuten is reading at T&W on Thursday and Paul Violi on Friday, but alas, I believe I'll be at The New School reading my thesis... so here's to sunny days and MFA's, pre and post graduation hangover and general life letdowns that lie ahead

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