Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Poetik Update

Sampson Starkweather has poems up on Real Poetik & there has been a changing of editors so get your submissions ready.
Dear readers,

Happy summer. I'd like to share some news with you: I'm delighted to announce that two new editors, the wonderful poets Lily Brown & Claire Becker, yes: Claire Becker & Lily Brown, will now conduct your weekly encounters with RealPoetik. It's been an honor sending poems your way for three years (some of them yours!), & reading your comments and submissions. I send hugs and take a bow. I hope you'll keep in touch: write to me at, visit me at, and look for my book due out from Tarpaulin Sky Press in the fall. I'll be reading on with you, so let's see what Lily & Claire have in store for us:

[exit Ana Bozicevic]
[enter Lily Brown & Claire Becker]:

We're excited to be taking over editorial duties at RealPoetik and look forward to building on the work Ana and previous editors have done. The poems published as emails in RealPoetik are able to go virtually anywhere--read on your phone on the train, aloud to your dog, on a braille display; or printed out and scribbled on; deleted; or replied to. Through email and the RealPoetik blog, we will bring you poems straight from the physical world, where real-live poetry communities won’t be superseded anytime soon. We're dedicated to publishing poems that are engaging, challenging, and aesthetically diverse. We look forward to this new endeavor and would love to hear from you at any time!

Lily & Claire

About the Editors:

Lily Brown holds an MFA from Saint Mary's College of California. Her first book, Rust or Go Missing, is forthcoming from Cleveland State University Poetry Center. She lives in Chicago and in Athens, where she is a Ph.D. student at The University of Georgia.

Claire Becker lives in Oakland and teaches high school at the California School for the Blind. She is the author of the chapbooks Untoward, from Lame House Press, and Get You, from Duration Press. She holds an MFA from Saint Mary's College of California and an Education Specialist Instruction Credential from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

If you can make it tomorrow be sure to catch Kaveh's reading. His poems are beautiful and he's a great reader!
Bryant Park Reading Room

Tuesday, July 14
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Kaveh Bassiri
Patrick S. Donnelly
Richard Tayson

11 W. 42nd St.
(behind the New York Public Library
between 40th and 42nd Streets & Fifth and Sixth)


bmirov said...

Sweeeet. I'm stoked we got to hear the La La La poems right before they came out.

steven karl said...

I know I'm stoked too!