Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Much Reading You'll Need A New Set Of Eyes

Besides there being new issues of Fence, LIT, & Effing Magazine (which I'll blog about once I read them- I'm still reading the latest Jubilat & Lungfull) here are some online journals to tempt your intellect:

The new issue of CUE is up (first on-line version), guest-edited by Mark Horosky with work from Julia Cohen & Mathias Svalina in it, alongside work by Elizabeth Willis, Richard Siken, Matt Hart, Sarah Manguso, Tony Mancus, Dorothea Lasky, Tim Peterson, Reb Livingston, Chaz McCallahan, and Jason Labbe.

The 11th issue of pax americana is up, with such shining stars as: Paige Taggart, Christie Ann Reynolds, Nicole Santalucia, Sarah Feeley, Lauren Hunter, Jean Hartig, Amy LAwless, Matthew Yeager, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Kiely Sweatt, Patricia Smith, Aria Boutet, Rachel-Herman Gross, Taryn Andrew, Joseph Millar, Dorianne Laux, Teege Braune.

Rabbit Light Movies
Episode #9
suzanne buffam | Joshua Beckman | Dorothea Lasky | Srikanth Reddy | Magdalena Zurawski |
Lauren Levin | Graham Foust | CAConrad | Aaron Kunin | brandon shimoda | Catherine Theis

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