Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hippie 101

What to do when hungry & lazy? The above dish is evidence that although I was born in Philly & pretty much grew up in 'Jersey, I've put my time in at places like Eugene and Portland, Oregon.

I put on some Here We Go Magic & hoped for some culinary magic. This took all of 10 minutes- maybe less. Tofu, garlic (from Chinatown) scallions, kale (CSA) sunflower and flax seeds (the nuttiness goes well with this particular style of kale) and brags for taste. Honestly, this is super-clean and completely healthy tasting if only a bit bland.


Molly Gaudry said...

I like steaming my kale over chicken broth. I think I've got fake chicken broth cubes in my cupboard, too. Anyway, looks yummy. You eat well, my friend. Tonight I had plain yogurt and Kashi for dinner. It's a step up from peanut M&Ms.

niina said...

This looks awesome. You can always throw on some liquid aminos or some kind of a stir-fry sauce with the greens. G and I had veggie burgers with sauteed mushrooms (store) and onions (CSA)... and side salad (CSA), with a home-pickled pickle.