Monday, July 20, 2009

Back At It

Sorry, I've only been on the internet intermittently these past few days. On Thursday I attempted to go to MOMA but one person said that I could not use my FIT Faculty ID to enter, then another person said it was fine, but said Lila's student ID was not acceptable.


MOMA consistently has the least informed and often angry staff. I've gotten into MOMA using my New School student ID, my FIT/SUNY ID, & both of my CUNY School faculty ID's & almost every time someone says "oh no we don't accept that," and then someone else says, "enjoy the exhibit." Does MOMA frustrate anyone else? I was actually planning taking my Intro to Lit class there to check out the Ensor's painting but now I won't even bother.

Friday Lila and I went to Brighton Beach and then on Saturday caught The Raveonettes and Built to Spill at the Siren Fest. I missed James Stobie's bday dinner so happy b-lated James! Yesterday, I caught some of Dirty Projectors. What I heard and occasionally saw was good.

Today, I'll show Ordinary People to my Lit class.

Right now, I'm going to eat some black eye pea salad but you should read this review of Craig Santos Perez's book. It's so good. I lent my copy to a friend and I hope she's enjoying it. Here's the review up on Jacket.

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J. Mae said...

They are often angry and not so pretty. I had to bully them once, but it worked and they let me in as long as i hid my musical instrument in the janitor's closet. Weird.