Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here comes the sun or so some say

I went to bed around 2 or so, yet woke up at 6:32. I could not fall back to sleep. I watched Battle Star Galactica. I read. I somehow made weak french press & did my dishes. I went to eat yogurt but found out I am out of granola. I thought I just bought granola. I have not eaten. I have not gone back to sleep. I fretted over losing my fourth class, which is the only class I was looking forward to. Spent hours crafting the perfect syllabus & making a packet containing poems by Gingsberg and Reyes, as well as, short stories by Barthelme, Wong & Borges. I will read my packet and pretend I am teaching. No I will shower, do laundry, clean my room, buy tickets for the Crystal Stilts show (assuming it is not sold-out) and walk to St. Mark's Bookstore. Or maybe I'll fall back asleep and dream of doing all of these things, or,,,

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