Monday, March 9, 2009

If We Could Collect All The Missing Hours

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache. This is unfortunate. I ate at Barrio Chino last night. I didn't drink too much. Barrio Chino has never given me a stomach ache. Therefore, it is my belief that last night's meal & this morning's stomach ache are unrelated. But I thought of a friend. A friend who was traveling. A friend who ate fish & chips & became violently ill. I thought of a student. A student who never heard of fish sticks. I am glad I ate no fish or fish-like products last night. Saturday night I ate skate.

The stomach thing is unfortunate. Because I bought new coffee beans. Medium body & light. Seemed a perfect seasonal shift. My new beans smell like beauty. Do you want to smell my beans? You will want to drink coffee. I don't mind if you drink coffee with me.

I should be reading poetry. I should be crafting reviews. Instead. I'm reading a novel. American Genius, A Comedy. I have not laughed. Over the weekend I learned that there are four distinct laughs. I will read until I experience one of these laughs. Then I will shower. If you see me & I smell of musk. It means I have not experienced one of four laughs & therefore, have not showered. Make me laugh. So I smell like a new body. Fresh. Seasonal. Yes. Like. That.


Alina G said...

American Genius: A Comedy is a great novel! Let's talk about it!


steven karl said...

I ran into Taryn a few weeks back at KGB & she recommended it to me. I'm not too far into it yet, but since I don't teach until late tomorrow I expect to get quite a bit of it read today & tomorrow. Also, I've become quite self-conscience that my face may not be soft or properly taken care of.

J. Mae said...

I didn't know you ate skate.

steven karl said...

Yes, I eat fish and seafood which is why I don't ever label myself a vegetarian- although since moving to NYC I eat much less fish/seafood, still if I find myself at Dumont's I generally get the skate or mac and cheese, although this particular skate was from Peasant.

captain S said...

"The time has come,
To talk of many things:
Of fish and chips and the coming tax
Of coffee beans—and things..."

steven karl said...

Indeed. Time is here. & it is ours. Of many things we shall speak.