Saturday, March 14, 2009

& what to do with these found hours?

9:20. It seemed an acceptable hour. To be awake. But then I thought, well it's Saturday. Why be awake? Why rush into this thing of waking? Then I began to feel odd about thinking I had awakened at a decent time. Maybe for a Monday. 9:29. What to do? I'm out of yogurt & granola. Should I make avocado toast? Doesn't sound good. & what about coffee? French press or espresso? I'm awake because I was dreaming about eating. Then I thought. I could wake up and just eat. 9:31. I'm not sure I'm hungry. I think I'd like to think that I am hungry. Afterall, it's why I'm awake. So if I'm not hungry, it seems a dumb thing to be awake on a Saturday at 9:33 am. My friend has a concert tonight. She's prolly sleeping. Right now. Another friend is filming today. She's prolly stressed right now. Another friend, I bet he hasn't even been in bed for 4 hours yet. I look out the window. I can't tell the weather. I stick my tongue out. That was stupid. I can't taste the weather either.

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