Wednesday, March 18, 2009

& what to do with these found hours?

It's not that I'm anxious so much as it is that there is just an inner need to find a new fruit. This picture is misleading. I am not eating a grapefruit right now, but I am drinking its juice. Always back to the juice. The juice taste good. I couldn't stop drinking the juice, but I also couldn't keep my swallowing up. Therefore. I choked. I survived. I am no longer choking. The other day, I ate a grapefruit. It felt good to have it flesh and guts all around my mouth. To see its peels piled on the plate like lost out lovers. Intimacy. You know what I mean? Today feels like intimacy. A day where the light is clear and clean and you want to lick it. The way it streams into windows, shines asphalt, reflects off of bikes. Today is a day where you want to hold another hand in yours. Have lips pressed again yours. Have someone touch you where you haven't been kissed or touched. Have all that inside stuff go electric. Today may not be these things, but it's the sort of day where a guy can drink grapefruit juice to the point of choking and then daydream of living a life other while walking aimlessly around the city alone.


Molly Gaudry said...

Maybe this explains my deal with oranges.

Tonight, though, it's grapes. The only problem with eating a lot of grapes, though, is they fill up the tummy too quickly. Grape juice is nothing like eating grapes.

On the other hand, orange juice and oranges -- much closer. And I do have orange #2 for the night sitting on my desk, but I keep thinking about how much effort it takes to peel. Which means, I think, I don't have to worry about early onset Diabetes.

steven karl said...

Grapes are tricky aren't they? They taste refreshing and if you're like me you can fit more than one in your mouth so you consume them in bunches without even thinking about it & then yes that bloated feeling. Grapes and grape juice definitely aren't the same thing!

I was hoping to juice a bunch of oranges today but it didn't happen so I ate one orange and one grapefruit sans sugar. You know as a kid I HATED peeling oranges and used to pay my sister 25 cents to peel them for me-haha!

Molly Gaudry said...

Oh, that's funny. My Florida Grandma sends Florida oranges to my folks, and those things are impossible to peel. I developed a slicing method.

In half, then into slices like the kind you find on your breakfast plate at the diner. So nice and easy to eat those rainbow-shaped slices. (I always hated wedges!)

I'll have to try a grapefruit, just to see if my adult tastebuds can handle it. I hated coffee, beer, and (green) olives when I was younger; now, they make up the top of my list!

steven karl said...

Haha just sliced myself up an orange! As a kid I hated olives, coffee, and brussel sprouts. I still hate brussel sprouts but love olives and coffee.