Thursday, March 12, 2009

If We Could Collect All The Missing Hours

I have been thinking. A lot about green. Maybe it was the nice Saturday. Piqued an anticipation. Which proved too soon. Still. Green is on my mind. Hunger was also on my mind. I decided to make a decision. To combine two thoughts. I haven't been eating enough green. ( I felt strangely CA Conradish). I made a garden burger. I toasted multi-grain bread. I spread a generous amount of an extremely ripe avocado onto the toast. I lightly coated the other piece of toast with bbq sauce, then covered it with a bed of arugula. I ate this quickly. I must have been hungry. I washed it down with grapefruit juice. I couldn't remember if I liked grapefruit juice when I bought the juice. The color was inviting. I put it in my basket. I opened the juice today. I had two glasses of it after eating my lunch. I feel a little bit better.

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Brooklyn said...

Dontcha just love spreading around really ripe avocado?