Saturday, September 6, 2008

Books, Coffee, Readings, Whatevers

Craig Santos Perez has out a chapbook on Corollary Press and a new book on Tinfish Press. I realized I haven't read much of his poetry, but I have read a lot of his reviews. I asked him to send a copy of his new book to Cold Front Magazine. I don't think any books from Tinfish have been reviewed on the site.
Thursday I went to the Wave Books reading at NYU. It was good and Tao Lin's poem was definitely a stand-out. I hung out with former and present New Schoolers Steve and Ben. We talked about how NYU has much better wine than the New School. What? Did you think we'd talk about saving the world or counting strophes?
Yesterday I went to Meghan's book release party/fundraiser at KGB. No where near as packed as I expected. It was a good reading with an excellent raffle for which yours truly was (for a change) amongst the winners. Here's the book bounty I won:

Stratification- Meghan Punschke (BlazeVox Books)
The Heart is a Quarter Pounder- Jeffrey Miller (farfalla press/ McMillan & Parrish)
Upon Arrival- Paula Cisewski (Black Ocean)
The Man Suit- Zachary Schomburg (Black Ocean)
Holy Land- Rauan Klassnik (Black Ocean)
Simply Rocket- Matt Hart (lame house press)

Afterwards, Dan, Meghan, Sylvia, and myself went out to dinner for a little Thai and converation. Somehow we were all very very funny. We laughed a lot and saited our collective hungers. Dan went home, Sylvia went home or elsewheres, Meghan & I both living in Chinatown stood on the corner of Hester and Chrsytie talking until the first drops of rain began to fall. Home we went.
This morning I bought coffee beans from Gimme! Coffee- the roast is entitled Leftist- I'm left-handed so that's an easy bias! I also lived on the Left Coast for a while-- speaking of the Left Coast, I have a poem in Eleven Eleven which is out of California College of the Arts (CCA). I haven't seen issue 5 yet as I just sent my address in to the editors(oops & sorry) but I'm excited to see it when it arrives in the mailbox. I'm also reviewing two books for Dusie so can't wait for those to come too- but I think they are coming from Sweden so I shan't hold my breath.

Lastly, I had a poem accepted in Barrow Street for their 10th anniversary issue. Pretty awesome. Okay I'm hungry and tired of listening to Blonde Redhead. I am now leaving my apartment (again).


ryan manning said...

the next night we ate whale

steven karl said...

& swallowed it down with water completely rinsed of its salt.

who's up for zucchini bread?

v said...

yay! congrats on barrow street! you are in *excellent* company.


steven karl said...

well you know, just trying to bite your style-ha!

Nicole said...

Steven, we are always in the same journals together! I've got something in the new Barrow St too!

steven karl said...

Awesome Nicole! Really liked your poems in Eleven Eleven:) See ya at Earshot tomorrow!