Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some of this Some of that

Friday night I did double duty by attending the Salon to see Tim Petersen read then went to Earshot and caught Justin Marks and Rauan Klassnik (I just finished his book, Holy Land the other day). Afterwards, Dan Magers piled Julia, Mathias, Rauan, Starkweather, and myself into a mini-taxi-van back to his apartment.

Long night/Late morning.

Saturday I went to a joint bday party for two of my friends. There's a ton of photos of it here.
I lucked out and only pop up twice- of course in one of them I look fairly ridiculous, but Deep Disco aka roommate is in the foreground and she looks damn good. The second one I'm partially obscured by my ex (the symbolism of this causes me to chuckle softly).

Sunday was a sweaty affair. I met up with Czar Hohl and his wife, Jazzamatat Cambell, at the BK fest. We were hot and went searching for lemonade. No lemonade. We stood in a long line and got tickets for the Moore/McKaye talk. I tried to get extra tickets for my friend Julia and her bf- no go.

The talk veered off topic almost immediately. Ian Mackaye was his usual anti question everything self and Thurston played smart alek absurdist- in other words, to watch these two interact and talk was pretty damn good and I walked away wanting a lot more.

I taught on Monday, then met up with Veronica to catch the Dali exhibit at MOMA. Did I mention it was the last day of the exhibit? There were a ton of people all leaning over each other to look at some tiny paintings. Still we had fun.

I should have graded papers Sunday night, but I didn't. So I had to skip the Kevin Young reading at KGB last night to grade like 30 papers. That made me very tired.

Today I did the usual Long Island City to Staten Island thing. Now I'm back in Manhattan hoping it doesn't rain since I have to go and pick up the CSA in a half an hour. It looks like rain. I may leave sooner than later and bring an umbrella.

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