Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching the Caught

Strangely I don't know what's going on this week- poetry-wise. Do you? I've gotten so many emails that I can't seem to keep them straight anymore. I'm off work today and tomorrow so I plan on catching up with all that. Hell, I might even write a poem. Maybe that's just crazy talk! I have book reviews to write- which means I have books to read/reread. I have two of the books now & the other three are in the mail.

Did anyone go to the Lit crawl over the weekend? Or any of the zillion readings on Friday?

I watched the debate.

Saturday I walked in the drizzling rain with a friend. Best day I've had in ages. Seriously. One of those days were life seems tangibly beautiful.

Went to the Submercer lounge Saturday night. One of those "you have to know the party-promoter name" deals, then industrial elevator two floors below ground level, dark hallways dimly lit, random lefts at boiler rooms and wine bottles, then, naturally, a right through the red door. It's ALWAYS a red door, isn't it? I'm not a club person, but for a club it seemed pretty chill- like a dirty martini.

Sunday I saw the American String Quartet which was amazing. The crowd was hootin' and hollerin' more raucous than a rock concert. Went to a lovely reception afterwards were I ate my fill of delicious cheeses + walked away with some swiss chocolate.

Then went to a going away party for a friend in Fort Greene.

Continued to pour liquid down my throat and exchanged laughs and yawns with friends.

I saw the Dodos last night. That was a good show, but so damn hot I felt gross afterwards. And here we are. French pressed into Tuesday.

Does anyone know about Petrichord? They have two chapbooks that I want to read. The Catherine Meng one I blogged about last week and now another one by Geoffrey Olsen.

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