Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still Gots Mad Love For The Loveless

Last night I went to the Roseland Ballroom to see My Bloody Valentine. 16 years of waiting to see a band that put out an album that changed your life tends to put a lot of pressure on the band and fill your head with a lot of expectations. I had heard mixed reviews of their ATP show. The Roseland was packed in that annoying way with lots of drunk people recklessly pushing and colliding against your body 'cause they just didn't give a fuck. The 2 opening acts were yawners. I grew tired. I yawned. I might have felt guilty about not grading papers. or reading poetry. or writing poems. or just lounging in my neighbors apartment watching the season premiere of Heroes. Still. I waited. I had good company- my friend, Cyra, who had seen them back in '91. We hadn't seen each other since spring. We caught up. Then the audience went electric. MBV took the stage. A few notes. Then blam! 5 seconds into the first song I already knew that this was going to be one of the best shows I'd ever see. Honestly, it was more than I could have hoped for. For once, the NY crowd was loved and returned the love. MBV was loud and fierce and relentless. I've now seen/heard Loveless in every format. Cassette tape. CD. LP. Live. Awesome. The only other bands I can almost say that about is The Cure's Disintegration and Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation- although I've never seen either abulm almost completely replicated live-- which brings me to this, when bands are asked to play one seminal album live (I know SY did Daydream Nation this summer) how long will it take before the Cure and Smiths jump the bandwagon?

If you're curious they are some good photos of MBV at ATP on Brooklyn Vegan.

What records changed the way you heard or felt or thought about music?

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