Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boog City or 440 or maybe a little of both

Today I'll head over to Unnameable Books to support my friends, Julia, Meghan, Mathias, and Chris. You should come too! Or if you don't fancy spending a beautiful day in a bookstore basement you should head over to 440 Gallery and check out Steve Roberts.


Unnameable Books
456 Bergen St.


1:00 p.m.-Julia Cohen
1:15 p.m.-Tisa Bryant
1:30 p.m.-Ana Božičević
1:45 p.m.-Yoko Kikuchi (music)
2:05 p.m.-Corrine Fitzpatrick
2:20 p.m.-Nick Piombino
2:35 p.m.-Stacy Szymaszek

2:50 p.m.-3:00-break

3:00 p.m.- Race and Poetry: Integrating the Experimental

Amy King (curator and moderator)
Tisa Bryant
Jennifer Firestone
Timothy Liu
Mendi Obadike
Meghan Punschke
Christopher Stackhouse
Mathias Svalina

4:30 p.m.-4:40-break

4:40 p.m.-Yoko Kikuchi (music)
5:00 p.m.-Lee Ann Brown
5:15 p.m.-John Coletti
5:30 p.m.-Rachel Levitsky
5:45 p.m.-Eileen Myles
6:00 p.m.-Yoko Kikuchi (music)
6:20 p.m.-Edward Foster
in conversation with Simon Pettet
6:50 p.m.-Simon Pettet
7:10 p.m.-Edward Foster

Directions: 2, 3 to Bergen St.; 2, 3, 4, 5, M, N, Q, W, R, B, D to Atlantic Ave./Pacific St.; C to Lafayette Ave.
Venue is bet. 5th/Flatbush aves.



Three fine, fine poets! And and an artist talk!
Ian Dreiblatt, Lauren Ireland, Steve Roberts, Karen Gibbons

WHEN: Sunday, September 21th from 4:30-6:00 pm

WHERE: 440 Gallery, 440 Sixth Avenue (at 9th St., F to 7th Ave.)

CONTACT: Dan Magers at
Admission Free

Ian Dreiblatt is a poet, translator, & musician. he is the author, with Kerry Downey, of hoc me fefecit / image, a collaborative book of art & poetry, and has published translations of Mandelstam &, most recently, Tolstoy's The Death Of Ivan Ilich. the poet Robert Kelly has said, "listening to Ian's poems, because he has that magic intuition that all poetry is language poetry... you can feel a tremendous upwelling of words in other languages, other englishes within the english." he writes a sonnet every day & lives with Lauren near the c & g trains.

Lauren Ireland
is a poet & an editor at Lungfull! Magazine. She co-curates The Reading at Chrystie Street with Steve Roberts. Lauren has published in The Black Warrior Review, jubilat, Bateau, Conduit, & other magazines. She lives in Brooklyn with Ian Dreiblatt & makes her living writing ads for Vogue Magazine.

Is Steve Roberts a poet? Well, yes indeed. He has been writing poems since 1996, and some of them are actually good. He has attended the College of Santa Fe and the New School where he got two meaningless degrees and made some friends. Does he have poems printed in magazines? Aren't you a curious little fellow! He has had work published in RealPoetik, Sink Review, the tiny, the Dick Pig Review and Red China magazine, to name a few. When not writing or complaining, he teaches English. He's pretty tall.

Karen Gibbons is a life-long artist. Currently she has been making primarily sculpture and drawings, as well as paintings that contain aspects of both. She is the mother of three children. She is a writer/poet; author of a book of drawings and poems with Rebecca Aidlin called Goldfish and Pumpkin Vines. She and her husband, Peter Reich renovated an old Victorian and ran a bed and breakfast on the banks of the Upper Delaware River. She is a registered yoga instructor, teaching classes and workshops. She is also a board certified creative arts therapist, working with children in an elementary school.

About 440 Gallery
: Park Slope's only artist-run gallery, a jewel box space offering an alternative venue for Brooklyn artists. 440 Gallery seeks to present surprising, unexpected art to the community through exhibitions, talks, readings and events centered around direct contact with the artist. Open Thursdays and Fridays from 4-7 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6 pm, or by appointment

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