Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We put our peaches where they had to go

One of the best feelings is finding out you don't have to teach on a day you thought you had to teach- in other words, no Staten Island Ferry for me on Friday.
Yesterday I had to do cross-exam-grading. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but definitely happy to be through with it.

Right before I left yesterday I stopped at a bench in the hallway to make a call. As I was on the phone a student passed by me and smiled. Then she said I was "cute." This was unexpected so I said nothing. She laughed and walked away (slowly). I thought maybe it was a joke, but I didn't see anyone else around, as yesterday the school was pretty empty except for evening students who had finals during the day.
Weird. I was seriously rocking some corny, boring, black, teacher pants and need a haircut....
I recently watched the French film, Elevator to the Gallows (1957) and I'm thinking about seeing Tell No One. Has anyone seen it?
This week is the final Word of Mouth of 2008. I'll post details tomorrow. I also have a friend's bday party. Then holiday parties on Friday and Saturday night. Hopefully I'll get my haircut on Sunday.
Today, I received an unexpected text declaring love for a particular poem I wrote. That was sweet and made my day!
I'm eating Tempting Trail Mix from Trader Joes, ever have it? I recommend it. Tonight I think I'm making gnocchi with mushrooms, carmelised onions (sauteed if I get impatient), fresh salted tomatoes, black olives, and arugula in a cream sauce. I'll have to make it soon, before I lose motivation.


Brooklyn said...

Aw! Sounds like I should have included YOU in my "swoon" post. Whatta lady killah! :)

Cyra said...

haircut or not, 'tis true yo! ;)

whereas alls I get are dummies who compliment me by sayin my hat reminds em of their grama's. ech!

steven karl said...

Aren't I lucky to have such sweet friends!