Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Day at last at last at last

I turned in my LaGuardia grades on Wednesday and handed in all my paperwork yesterday plus picked up my desk copy for Eng 102 so I'm completely done with Long Island City. Today is my last day at College of Staten Island. A few office visits and a half an hour to collect final papers. I'll submit grades on Monday then take a nice long break from ferry rides!

The timing couldn't be better as I have a ridiculous amount of reading piling up:

Barrow Street 10th Anniversary
Jubilat issue 15
Crayon Number 5 (which is massive & I've only read the Sawako piece)
Poets & Writers Jan/Feb 09 (but I don't read this cover to cover)
The Voyeur, a short story by Nicolette Wong
from Unincorporated Territory, by Craig Santos Perez

& then this is what I picked up from the library

B, a novel, by Jonathan Baumbach
Wake- Up Calls, 66 Morning poems by Wanda Phipps
The House that Jack Built, The Collected Lectures of Jack Spicer (I've been waiting over 6mths for this to come in)
The Bubble of American Supremacy, correcting the misuse of American power, by George Soros
Collected Books of Jack Spicer
Selected poems 1958-1984, by John Weiners

I've read a bunch of Spicer so I won't read the collected books from cover to cover & I've read very little of Weiners' work so I'll randomly flip through this book to see if anything grabs me. If there is a better single volume book by Weiners that I should read, please let me know. I'll read the morning poems in the morning & the novel will be my train, ferry, & before bed book.

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