Sunday, December 7, 2008

Loneliness, such a sad affair

GlitterPony Issue #6 is up. Julia Cohen, Elizabeth Lenson, Shane Jones, Mathias Svalina, Ari Feld, Donald Dunbar, Lisa Ciccarello, and Seth Parker.
sawbuck 2.4 is here to warm you up with the fiery poetry of all these good people:

{Paige Taggart} {John Woodward}

hope to see you there.

& as always, we are reading for future issues, so send us your poems!

~samuel wharton, editor


[Realpoetik] Thanh Tam Tuyen, translated by Linh Dinh

Shampoo Issue 34
Trickhouse vol. 3 – Winter 2008

visual artist: Eric Baden
writers: Brenda Iijima, Rebecca Brown, Michelle Naka Pierce
guest curator: Miriam Kathrein
sound: Andrew Klobucar
video: Abigail Child
correspondent: Erik Anderson
interview: Mathias Svalina with Shelton Walsmith
experiment: Denise Uyegara with Natalie Nguyen

missed Eric Baus' reading on Friday? Head over here to check it out.

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