Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gots Love on Barrow Street

Taking a look at the contributors (including myself) in the latest ish of Barrow Street (10th Anniversary Issue) I couldn't help but think of the few degrees of separation such as Jackson Taylor who was my immediate boss while working at The New School and Teachers & Writers' Collaborative. Myself, Jared, and Adam, wrote a grant loosely based on the pedagogy of Marie Ponsot, then there's David Lehman who was my thesis adviser, Peter Moore, a former NS classmate of mine, Evan Glasson who came to my apartment a couple years back to look at a room for rent (he's rumored to have a nice jump shot too), the lovely Sharon Mesmer who I've known for a little while now, Mark Bibbins (who's classes and parties are the stuff of legends) and lastly, LIT co-hort, Nicole Steinberg. I think this is the third journal that Nicole and I have appeared in together... who's stalking who? Or maybe we both just have exquisite taste... nah words stalking words sounds much more sexy. Did I just use the word "sexy?" Yeah Saturday irony rules!

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Nicole said...

Obviously, I am stalking you!

How was the party the other night?