Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Looks like I posted the Staten Island Ferry image a little too soon. The class I was offered was pulled due to low registration & with me being in Queens 3 days a week it was too difficult to find another class to fit my schedule.

Time for Plan B... remind me, what was Plan B again?

I'll be in jersey (not my favorite place) visiting my parents for a few days so I'll be without internet. In other words lots of reading, dvd & Olympic watching. Speaking of which I thought China was going to beat Spain in basketball... I have the feeling that if Yi could play consistent mediocre defense China would have gotten a huge upset win.

Damn underdogs I was pulling for you!

Since it's unlikely I'll post again until next week, I figured I'd leave y'all with a poem. I just finished reading Alex Lemon's Hallelujah Blackout.

And No More May I Be

So this is calamity: calendula-
oiled hands cupping a mouth

that sings through the caving-
away thunderlight as the weeks

keep swinging by--house finches
shivering groundward in the catgut

blight. Black boughs absent of any
living weights. In the rain a man

ducks into his coat to light a smoke.
The park bitter with echoing space.

The park freezing. In the rain a man
ducks into his coat like the split-

ribbed chest of a dead horse
swallowing a wet-cheeked boy.

Benches slick red. Benches freezing.
In the rain a soaked man

watching the rain. In the rain
my hands pink hands numb

in the rain. Beneath the skin
a humming is. Geese wreathed

in their own winter-coming
breath. Skinhulled. Taut

skin bustling. Bottle caps old
buttons half-buried in the dirt.

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