Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Slowed Down

I went to my parents' house last week and saw Dark Knight with my sister, two nieces, and nephew. The movie was good but definitely not great or maybe it really needs to be seen on IMAX.

Other than that I haven't been up to too much. I saw Battles & Black Dice play at Central Park's Summer Stage on Saturday, but didn't make it to Aesop Rock on Sunday, instead I lounged around the park enjoying the weather and avoided cleaning my room. I met up with some friends in Fort Greene at night & we all hung out on a stoop watching the rats run from the park to the garden. My one friend S is terrified of rats, my other friend S is only a little less terrified of rats.

I finished reading Canarium and Cutbank 69- both are good. I read some of The Saint Ann's Review Winter 2008 and had mixed feelings so I put it on hold to read Crazyhorse Number 73 and redivider spring 2008. Sadly both crazyhorse and redivider have poems by Billy Collins. As a rule, I don't read anything written by a Billy. Just the way I roll these days.

My colleague and friend Dan Magers is reading on Friday. I'll post the details later this week. Now I need to make coffee and seriously write out a syllabus. The plan is to do one today & do the other one on Thursday. I talked with my friend, Melissa & she hasn't written hers out either. I feel better. What about the rest of you adjunct junkies?

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