Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Made In Hong Kong To Here Have Some Poetry

Unless, I'm expecting a Netflix, checking the mail tends to be a dreaded exercise especially since it always contains credit card or student loan bills so yesterday provided a nice surprise to what was shaping up to be a lackluster day. My friend, Nicole Wong, sent me a copy of Hong Kong's Muse, which contains her story written in English (& translated into the Chinese by Chor Koon Fai.) Nicole emailed me the story a while back, but nothing compares to having a copy of your friend in print, don't you agree? I guess that's not a very green thing to say, but blame it on Whitman 'cause ever since reading him I've wanted a shelf lined with publications of my friends and of course, myself.


But to up my greeness check out these links for poetry. A new ish of diode, a new online journal, and an older one that I don't think I've mentioned before.

Sous Rature


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