Monday, August 11, 2008

Present Prescence Presents Past Flashed

Friday I eased on up out of bed and met Veronica at the Grand Central Terminal then we departed on a quick train trip to PS.1. There were many many highlights (some of which can be read on Veronica's blog) so I just suggest you go check it out yourself. It's definitely one of the better exhibits in the New York Metro area. One of the exhibits consisted of Complaint Choirs. I sent this link to my friend, Nicole, in HK and she said Hong Kong doesn't have one 'cause no one complains there- she's funny. I replied yeah no complains in the US either.

Friday night I met Deep Disco and we took in the Olympic ceremonies. Pretty awesome stuff.

I missed a picnic & a bike ride on Saturday (I still haven't fixed my bike) but went the poetry reading at Melville House which was quite good. Then I met up with my friend Ship and we went to O.C. to hear our astrologies... but the reader did them in groups of 6 to 8 so nothing too specific was obtained... although she mentioned that Aquarius are pretty much fucked for money culminating in a large-scale disaster on September 15th. Hmmm.... Should all Aquarius play the lotto on the 15th just to give the stars a cosmic chuckle??

Sunday I streamed the USA vs China basketball game. The result of this is that I didn't make it to CA's BPC play/reading performance, but I maintained a shred of Philly cred by attending Juliette's Corollary Press reading. Juliette is super-sweet and just oozes warmth- writers must feel lucky to have her as their editor/publisher. Tisa Bryant read and we both know that we know each other but couldn't figure out how....Do you know how Tisa and I know each other?

Now here we are Monday. Tonight's reading looks like this:


7 poets at

7 min at

7pm at

7th St.

& First Ave

The International Bar

back patio

120 1/2 1st Ave

Monday August 11

Gary Parrish

Lydia Cortes

Brenda Iijima

Greg Fuchs

Marcella Durand

Phyllis Wat

Jonas Mekas

hosted by stephanie gray

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