Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Up Up Up There In The Air There

So I've been at my work for almost a year & up until this past Friday still hadn't manage to fly on the airline. For those that aren't keyed in on airlines- Eos is a luxary business-class carrier. In other words, not the usual mode of transportation for um... poets.

The flight was beyond expectations in comfort, food, and drinks. Barely did I have time to blink & boom there was a fresh new pint of beer sweating or a new glass of glenlivets beckoning for attention.

I brought the lastest ish of Poets & Writers, as well as, a Matthea Harvey book, but spent most of my time watching movies.

After watching The Diving Bell & Butterfly on the way out and Juno on the way back I needed to catch up on some sleep. Eos' seats turn into beds & you're given sleeping suits (which i sometimes rock at home but didn't indulge on the plane) & super soft pillows.

Needless to say, it could become addictive to fly luxary esp. from a comfort point of view. The plane flys to & from JFK/STN. The nice thing about being at STN is you get "fast-tracked" through security & then chill in the Club 48 lounge.

Ah, the nice life.

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