Monday, April 21, 2008


This is my last day in London- I'm listening to The Spinto Band, it's 9:17 in the a.m. & I'll be steppin' out momentarily to check out the Tate Modern. Pic, etc. forthcoming.


I haven't seen any of the playoffs but have kept up with the results via hoopsworld & dime magazine.

1st things 1st- Go 76ers!!!!!!!!

Are the Nuggets even going to bother to make it a series? Really, with Camby, A.I. & Melo, yet they have nothing for Kobe & Gasol... c'mon already... I have to say this is got to be George Karl's last season coaching Denver, right?

Maybe it's a good sign that Houston lost... they tend to flail in the end so maybe the reverse will happen & they'll get some swagger & down the Jazz... unlikely but one can hope as I hate the Jazz

How many people want to see N.O. sweep the Maveriks? I know I do!!

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