Friday, April 25, 2008

L/O/N/D/O/N C/A/L/L/I/N/G part 2

this dizzy-eye picture is of the s & m cafe, think they serve bangers and mash? (sorry couldn't resist)

on saturday night we had dinner with poet/scholar, emily critchley and her bf (not pictured). we went to a curry house over on brick lane. this place hands-down had the weirdest ideas for wall murals. lady di herself beams down on sandy and emily.

not the best photo resolution but still had to post this pic. seriously, look at the mural behind us. scantily-clad women riding dragons... um, as if the curry wasn't spicy enough- hold back the dungeons and dragons dudes or else it could get a little weird...

on sunday we strolled around and checked out the open markets which were basically blankets filled with your grandmother's junk. old remote controls, screws, rusted metal things, beat-up sneakers, etc

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