Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Duty's duty

I've been on jury duty since Thursday which involves A LOT of waiting! So I decided to pass the time reading Celine. If you know Celine and have done jury duty then you know that I have a sense of humor, albeit a sometimes dark one. Also been reading Boog City to satisfy that poetry itch.


J. Mae Barizo said...

Albeit a Saturday. Fleeting. Reading, reading. Is your duty done? Or art thou still reading, reading? Yes, fine blog indeed this is. Sorry I can't be a good read. If I add any more on-line activities my arm shall fall off. And that would be unfortunate. Happy weekend to you and yours.

steven karl said...

j.mae. j.mae. miss barizo. thanks for the post-post. duty done- went back to eos on friday which is why i didn't stay out late to see cd wright (on thursday).


keep both arms. good, they are. for hellos. hugs. handshakes. high-5's. poem writing. instrument playing. etc.

went to awp book fair today. exhausted.

see you cyber. see you for reals. soon some time.