Monday, January 21, 2008

Where Europe Begins

Got a little extra chedda in your savings/checking account?

Feel like guestimating on tax refunds and spending it before you have it?

Well, if you find yourself in London during the month of February &/or March Ryan Air has tickets to a bunch of European destination for $8 to $15 USD!

The sale started on Friday and yes, of course, ends today so feel impulsive, buy some tickets, and send me a postcard!

Full details here


virginia ulrich said...

when i think of all the places i want to go, london is there, but never the first thing i think of. but now after reading and falling in love with 84 charing cross road - london suddenly seems the perfect place to start from and venture out from - though i cant imagine flying once making it over the atlantic ....

steven karl said...

I know London is on my list as well and can't wait to read 84 Charing Cross Road- thx for the recommendation.

Where Europe Begins is a play on the collection of short stories by Yoko Tawada. I think it's interesting to think of travel and our conception/perception of "Europe" from colonization/cultural point of view & with that said, this little globe of ours is filled with so much complicated beauty & I need to see it all!

Talked via email with d.taylor yesterday. He's back in SF- I linked his blog. Enjoy