Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Smack Dab In The Middle

Here we are 16 days into the new year. I emailed Veronica to see how her writing was going now that we're in a new year, and like me, she hasn't written too much... I did manage to write a poem yesterday but probably won't even give it a look-over until the weekend least I be fooled by elation of accomplishment!

Yesterday was my friend and neighbor, Ai's, birthday! A bunch of us met after work for drinks at EN. Mina picked out a saki which was billed as rich and bold. Bottom line- it was delicious! Then as hunger started making its music inside hollow stomachs a splintering occured which included Angelique, myself, Sandy, Shipra, and Monica (temporarily) in search of food which landed us Quantum Leap.

I can still taste the jalapenos from my veggie burger this morning despite many stints of teeth brushing and coffee consuming.

After that Shipra got her Pink Berry fix on only to discover that Red Mango does it better and myth goes that Pink Berry stole Red Mango's idea and launched it in the states, nonetheless, Red Mango uses real ceritified yougurt and Pink Berry is fake, fake, fake which might be better if you're the title of a Blonde Redhead albulm but not if you want to eat a frozen treat.

Friday Zadie Smith will be at McNally Robinson over on Prince Street and then there's that Poetry Brothel which I blogged about on Sunday(?) which I'm going to skip. I have a bday party on Saturday, then there's a decent reading at 440 Gallery on Sunday which I'll post later this week.

Surprisingly there are no pictures from Ai's bday (except promo pick for her and mina's design company) so I'll just leave you with these words.


v said...

yo you are blowing up my spot man! thanks for spreading my uselessness across the internet world. ;)

can i counter with this: while i have not worked too much on my poe-tree in this new-ish year, i have (finally) done some serious work on a short story and may even "finish" it today?


steven karl said...

a short story? damn V, gots to make me the official slacker, huh? does it count that i talked about a tv script last night-ha!

naturally, per usual, more than curious about this short-story & speaking of the opposite of uselessness recently ready yer poems in Boog and Court Green (which both just came out this month, right?) Nicely done on all accounts!