Saturday, February 2, 2008


awp has finally wrapped up so i thought it might be fitting to collect some of the highlights- i saw jill alexander essbaum three consecutive days and let me tell you the chocolate she brings back from switzerland just doesn't get old! she also took the crown at the poetry pageant!

another highlight of the pageant was meeting sueyeun juliette lee (i know her step-sister, eunice ((who helped me contact mr. baus for the t&w reading i curated)). sjl has a new chapbook out on octopus which i'm really looking forward to reading.

found out hugh behm-steinberg and his wife are in an experimental band.


at the book fair i met tracy from litmus press and told her about my forthcoming review of 4 from japan (next month in coldfrontmag, i believe) its always nice meeting the faces behind the press.

on that note, didn't meet monica from wave books, whom has been invaluable to me in getting me review copies and email addresses when i was a curator. matthew zapruder did introduce me to dorthea laskey who's mini-tours on youtube both reb livingston and i are addictied too. dorthea told me there are 3 new ones coming soon!

picked up a cool temp tattoo from from the fishhouse which has a some really good stuff from sarah gambito on their website

the georgia review had free pocket-sized blank notebooks


ran into coldfronters graeme and john. john gave me a copy of his new chapbook fresh out on dusie called "toadous" a lavish spectacle. hells yeah!

jubilat had yr subscriptions for $2- um yeah i signed up for that!

i bought a copy of st. petersburg review for $5.00/ also bought a sing economy from film forum press for $5.00


& i picked up all of the following for free:

subtropics, third coast, potomac review, agni, santa clara review, gargoyle, saltgrass, the saint ann's review, roger, sycamore review, practice: new writing + art


i may have won a subscription to cutbank too!


also found out about packingtown review which is seeking submissions for its inaugural issue. they aim to publish poetry, fiction, essays, criticism, theory (cultural, political) and rhetorical studies. the journal will be published by university of illinois at chicago

maybe i'll dust off my critical thesis and get at 'em- you should too

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