Sunday, January 13, 2008

'08 Off With A Bang

now that i'm not curating a reading series for teachers & writers collaborative i'll prolly spend more time blogging about some other nyc/brooklyn readings. here are my suggestions- all of them have up their 08 schedules except kgb.

reading between a&b


Special Events

There's that Poetry Brothel thing going down on the Jan 18th which you can read about here and here. I was & remain skeptical but since I know a lot of people affiliated with the project & Sharon Mesmer is involved I'm thinking the fun factor could be off da charts. Speaking of Sharon she's throwing a book party which will be A LOT OF FUN- I'll post specifics as the date gets closer!

I've also read of some sort of poetry/dance party thang happening on the 16th of February which just happens to be my bday. I'm hoping to be in London, but if not you'll prolly catch me there.


And of course there will be a zillion of readings both onsite and offsite to correspond with AWP, as well as, the book fair which will be free on Saturday!!!

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