Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Me + poesia + m.i.c.= The Enclave June 23rd-Free

So I didn't make it to the opera tonight but I did see Panda Bear last night (amazing!!!!) and now I'm updating my blog. Come out for this reading- it'll be fun (do I always say that?)

C.A. Conrad
Iris Smyles
Christen Clifford
Steven Karl
Molly McCloy
Chris Louvet

hosted by
Jason Napoli Brooks and Scott Geiger

June 23, 2007
3:30 - 6:30 pm
Kenny's Castaways
157 Bleecker St.
New York


The Enclave is proud to present its most impressive program yet (and considering the high quality of its past programs, this is a serious claim to make). Please join us for an afternoon with six of the East Coast's most innovative fiction writers, poets, and performers.


C. A. Conrad' s childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift. He escaped to Philadelphia the first chance he got where he lives and writes today with the PhillySound poets. Soft Skull Press published his book Deviant Propulsion in 2006. His book The Frank Poems is forthcoming from CHAX Press in 2008. A small selection of The Frank Poems was translated into German by the Berlin poet Holger, and is now available from YPOLITA Press. He is the author of several other chapbooks, including (end-begin w/chants) , a collaboration with Frank Sherlock. You can see his work online at http://CAConrad.blogspot.com

Iris Smyles is a writer and cartoonist whose fiction may currently be seen in BOMB magazine's Spring issue. She was awarded the Doris Lippman Prize for her recently completed novel in 2007, and her acclaimed comic book, The Naked Woman, is availableonline and in select New York City bookstores. She teaches creative writing and literature at The City College of New York and Marymount Manhattan College. She is the editor of Smyles & Fish magazine (www.SmylesAndFish.com)

Christen Clifford is a writer and performer who has performed her solo work at The Culture Project, The Uno Festival in Victoria, Canada. and at the National Theatre of Slovenia in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She won "Best of Fringe" at the 2006 San Francisco Fringe Festival and The Audience Choice Award at the 2007 Frigid Festival. She's been an actor in plays Off Broadway, independent films, and has probably had about twenty lines total on soap operas. She's been a mainstage storyteller at The Moth and various other storytelling shows in New York. Her writing has been published in Salon.com, Nerve.com , Blue, and in the anthology Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong (Disinfo) and she has a piece upcoming on Smith Magazine's Memoirville. She has received fellowships and residencies from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, The Ragdale Foundation, and the Vermont Studio Center. Her work has received support from Time Warner and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council as part of the Hourglass Group Solo Lab. She just got her MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and won the 2006 New School Chapbook Award for Nonfiction. Clifford just found out she is a 2007 fellow in Nonfiction Literature from the New York State Foundation for the Arts. She is married to writer McKenzie Wark adn has a 3 year old son, Felix and they lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for over 15 years until they got priced out and had to move to Queens.

Molly McCloy, a non-fiction writer from Arizona, has been published in Nerve.com, Slate.com , and MrBellersNeighborhood.com. She recently won the Storytelling Slam sponsored by the NYC-based storytelling organization, The Moth.

Steven Karl received his MFA from The New School. His poems and reviews have appeared in Real Poetik and Lit online. He has an article forthcoming in Teachers & Writers Magazine. He lives in Brooklyn.

Christopher Louvet writes code in Miami, FL for computers in Washington, DC. His poetry has appeared in The Bitter Oleander, Tigertail: A South Florida Poetry Annual , and online at McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

I heard a glow-worm, big as a house, say to me: `I will give you the light you need. Read the inscription. It is not from me that this supreme order comes.' A vast blood-coloured light, at the sight of which my jaws clacked and my nads fell inert, suffused the air as far as the horizon. I learned against a ruined wall, for I was about to fall, and read: `Here lies a youth who died of consumption: you know why. Do not pray for him.'
Wanna know this comes from? Come to The Enclave: Festival of the Glow Worm...June 23

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