Sunday, June 17, 2007

LIT launch party wrap- up and poem accepted

The LIT launch party was a good time. The funny thing about NS events is that the alcohol seems to either last forever or vanish in a blink- this party was one of them vanishing acts. First all the Brooklyn Lagers disappeared then all the cups and at one point I noticed a few people pouring white wine into empty soda cans. Wow! That's dedication or boredom at its best. Nonetheless it was good to catch Sampson Starkweather read and see so many people I don't know with copies of LIT in their hands. Have I told you how good ish 13 is going to be?

I saw Matthew Yeager (who I hadn't seen in ages) Malachi Black, Mark Bibbins, and met Peter Bogart Johnson's (current editor of LIT along with Nicole Steinberg, a good poet, and a very funny guy) wife, and then left the party with poets Daniel Meagers and Steve Roberts for a few more drinks. Both Steve and myself had work early the next morning so it ended up being a pleasant, yet early evening... sorry Dan!

Friday I got an acceptance email from Knock Journal (out of Seattle) that they will be publishing my "Birthday Poem" in their November issue- yeah for that! At sometime today I have to figure out where else I've submitted that poem so I can retract it- definitely my least favorite task- let's just say my submission spread sheet is a half-assed infrequently updated thing of a disaster!


Nicole said...

Look at me, I'm a tag! Hi, Steven. :) Glad you had fun at the party and congrats on your poem. I believe I'll be coming to see you this weekend.


steven karl said...

hey nicole. good seeing on saturday! i have a link for your reading series also on my blog- it's at the bottom.