Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Enclave Wrap-up

The reading went well. I'm pretty sure it was the absolute nicest day thusly this summer so the fact that some people choose to spend it in a dark bar on Saturday afternoon is the mark of the devoted. All the readers did a nice job and it was a personal pleasure to read with CAConrad (another illadelph born OGP). I picked up and have already read his chapbook consisting of "Frank" poems. Good stuff. Odd. Wit and introspective intellect in the fuck-offish way- i.e. so perfect punk I felt new again.

Since I have such a long commute to work I've been reading the journals Lilies and Cannonball and Jubilat (which has a poem by David Sewell (also graduated from NS same year as I) and two poems by Prageeta). The new ish of BOMB has an amazing interview with the artist, Kristen Mamma Andersson- though my one fey knock would be that perhaps Christian Hawkey (yes the poet) did write a bit too much and I felt as if I read more about him than the subject of the interview... oh well

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