Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Run, A Workshop, and a Sublet

I picked up a copy of this chapbook immediately after hearing Kim read from it at AWP. It even came with a horse. I've read it twice & now you can read it too! Rope-a-Dope has it for sale here.

About RUN: In the technicolor timewarp called Hell, Hong Kong wannabe cowgirl La La is hellbent on realizing her dream to be a folk-singing sensation, even if it means surviving a dysfunctional relationship with her kidnapper, Ren, who is just hellbent. Ren thinks he'll win, but La La, dead or alive, always wins.

More on Kim here.
Adam Wiedewitsch is a dope poet who I've had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now, he is also the Coordinating Editor of the Pirogue Collective. They are offering workshops on Goree Island, Senegal. Below is a brief description- go the website for more details or email Adam for the pdf which includes the application.

Taalifkat Tudunya, which translates from Woloff as “writers in the world,” is a ten-day
MASTERS level writing and arts workshop for up to 28 writers and artists hosted in
collaboration with Pirogue Collective and the Gorée Institute on Gorée Island, Senegal.
The workshop dates are January 5 – January 15, 2011.

Four workshops in poetry, prose, visual arts and texts will be led by world renowned
writers and visual artists and will be complemented by African academics and/or local
creative practitioners. Together, these instructors form the Faculty. Students will stay in one of the Institute’s tranquil residences on Gorée Island
( working in small cohorts to allow for ample opportunity to
meet one-on-one with their instructors. In addition to joint public readings and exchanges with local associations of women, artists, writers and activists, we will caravan to other regions within Senegal via ferry, to local universities and to museums. Examples of themes that will be addressed in the 2011 workshops: Translation, African languages, African thought systems, Mixed Media: the interaction between visual arts and literature, poetry and prose writing.
For more information on this event, Pirogue, the Gorée Institute or any of our upcoming
events please contact Adam Wiedewitsch at
to join our mailing list.
Summer Sublet Alert!

Noah Eli Gordon is spending his summer with his wife, Sommer, in NYC & is looking to sublet his place in Denver, Colorado. Facebook Noah for all the particulars & if you don't Facebook- email me & I'll pass along his email.

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