Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Middle of the Week Mind Muddle

After many failed attempts I finally saw the Marina Abramovic show at MoMA. My initial plans were to meet Czar and his wife, Nerissa to watch the Fassbinder film, but the movie was sold out so we made our way through MoMA instead. If you live in NY or are planning on visiting- both the Abramovic and William Kentridge are worth the price of admission. Give yourself plenty of time 'cause you need to watch the films.


Prior to my MoMA visit, I read for No, Dear on Saturday night which was a lot of fun. Thanks to all those who came out.


There's a new issue of the Marsh Hawk Review, edited by Sandy McIntosh and Thomas Fink

Crossover Poems: Lozada, Mackey, Matz, McIntosh, Moseley, Tabios

Edwin Agustin Lozada, Mary Mackey, Charles Matz, Sandy McIntosh, Annabelle Moseley, Eileen R. Tabios,Jane Augustine
Terry J. Cole, Thomas Fink, Edward Foster, John Harkey, Basil King, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Peter Nickowitz,Geoffrey Olsen

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niina said...

I too tried for that film! No go. But I went to the park instead.